25 November 2008

Well, they pegged us.

Looking through the thousands upon thousands of pictures on my computer, I came across this:

Yeah, that pretty much sums it up. Will definitely be getting/making these in the future.

FUN FACT: This is the first item I ever saw/looked at on etsy, over a year ago. Awww. Why? No clue.

Cool Runnings

I love when my old favorite movies are on TV.

Read more about Cool Runnings here!

Gift Guide

There are SO many gift guides that pop up on beautiful, fun, exciting blogs. And while I would love to create one, I think I will just share a couple of items that I really enjoy.

Oh, and they're all from ModCloth, because I just finished browsing that website, and yeah. I pretty much want all of it!

For the person that needs a shot of energy in the morning

For the little cuddly animal lover

For the art student on a budget

For your favorite four-eyed friend

For a brand new, or soon-to-be, mommy

For an elegant lady in your life

For the traveler

For the lady who channels Lauren Bacall (just for the record, I ADORE this dress)

This dress is called "Cocktails at Lunch". BEAUTIFUL.

And here's some other pretties, in general:


tan shoes

grey cardigan

bow cardigan

So, I've decided that I can never have enough of:

Ooh la la!

This coat took my breath away. I love my new winter jacket, but man oh man...wish I would have seen this first.

24 November 2008

Etsy purchases

Oh man. It's that time of year. Christmas, that is. I've started Christmas shopping, and I decided to share the couple of gifts that I bought for family/friends so far, simply because I'm pretty sure neither of them read this blog. So I feel okay about it.

For Marcy, one of my roommates:
Make Your Own Baby Yeti Kit

If you knew Marcy, you would think this is the coolest thing EVER for her (at least I hope so).

For Momma:
Driftwood Picture Frame

My mom loves and collects driftwood. I love this seller's pieces!

Shall update as time goes by...have begun to shop for Pete, but cannot post here, as he actually reads this!

11 November 2008

A giant ampersand?


This website, House Industries, has all kinds of cool wall stuff - different letters, different fonts. It would be cool to get all the letters needed to spell out your last name, or a something eye-catching, like POP or PRETTY or...something cool.

They also have numbers, so if your mailman/woman has a hard time seeing what your address is, I have a feeling these may help remedy your situation.

Rainy days are no fun.

Especially when I have class.

I've been sick now the PAST TWO WEEKS. Although today I am feeling much better. I haven't had to blow my nose yet today, which is nice, since my entire upper lip is numb, chapped...and gross in general.

I am so ready for Thanksgiving break. Just another two weeks and I'm going to have a break! Yay!

But first, I am hosting a cupcake party on Saturday at my lovely apartment, with my lovely roommates. I'm pretty stoked about it.

Wheee! Class just ended! Gotta run!

04 November 2008