25 November 2008

Gift Guide

There are SO many gift guides that pop up on beautiful, fun, exciting blogs. And while I would love to create one, I think I will just share a couple of items that I really enjoy.

Oh, and they're all from ModCloth, because I just finished browsing that website, and yeah. I pretty much want all of it!

For the person that needs a shot of energy in the morning

For the little cuddly animal lover

For the art student on a budget

For your favorite four-eyed friend

For a brand new, or soon-to-be, mommy

For an elegant lady in your life

For the traveler

For the lady who channels Lauren Bacall (just for the record, I ADORE this dress)

This dress is called "Cocktails at Lunch". BEAUTIFUL.

And here's some other pretties, in general:


tan shoes

grey cardigan

bow cardigan

So, I've decided that I can never have enough of:

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