27 February 2008


I have always wanted to learn how to surf. My friend Lara lives in Arizona (she goes to University of Arizona) and frequently takes trips to California to go surfing with her awesome, wonderful friends (and music-makers). She puts pictures up on the FB and I get soooooo jealous. I need to take a trip out to visit her for a couple of weeks...or just stay there. I am completely land-locked...except for the Mississippi River.

26 February 2008

Catching Up

Since I didn't have a computer this past weekend (I am a WHINER), I am playing catch-up with many blogs.

Holly of decor8 posted this picture from mi-a name i call myself's flickr a few days ago, but I couldn't resist posting it again. Because it made me have a big smile.

I want to play with a deer.

Bright Eyes

Whether or not you like Bright Eyes, you should watch this video. It makes me feel happy about life and love and stuff.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

So maybe my blog is a little movie-heavy today, but it's totally an Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind day. I remember the first time I saw this film; I was completely blown away. Jim Carrey is so good. I had never seen him in a serious role and I thought he was just so great.

I wouldn't mind going up to Montauk and laying around on the ice for a little bit. Except I'm in St. Louis. It's kind of far away. And I have class in two hours. So that's sort of out of the question.

Day II of not having my computer...

It's sort of sad. On my other blog (kaylen-happycupcakes.blogspot.com) for my TechApps class, I wanted to make a summer picture blog. I am getting so sick of this icky weather we are having.

But in order to do that, I had to capture all the pictures I wanted from the internet, from Facebook. Facebook is interesting. Sometimes I really love it and sometimes I hate it. Unfortunately, it is the chief way I stay in contact with all the friends I have that do not go to SLU.

In other news, my computer is still not fixed. Hopefully it will be by the end of today, because it makes me sad that I'm using this uber-streamlined Apple computer. I want my clunky Dell back! I know how to use it! Of course I am extremely grateful to Pete for letting me use his computer all day long.

The Darjeeling Limited comes out today. I'm really excited. We're going to go buy it after I get out of classes, watch it, and then Pete (Mr. Social Studies extraordinare) is going to help me study for my American Politics test...eeep! It's funny that Wes Anderson's latest release is coming out today...Ali mentioned Mr. Anderson over on her blog today, saying that his next film should be about Frank Lloyd Wright. Which, frankly, would be amazing.

In all, I'm really excited to curl up with my fuzzy blue blanket and watch this amazing movie. It's been awhile.

25 February 2008

2008 Oscars

My two favorites of the evening (also known as when I screeched loudly as the names were announced):

Glen Hasard and Marketa Irglova, Best Original Song "Falling Slowly" from Once

They totally deserved it. I was so happy that Jon Stewart brought Marketa back out to say thank you, because I almost cried (quite literally) when the music started playing when she started to talk.


Ellen Page and Diablo Cody, Juno

Diablo Cody is my new favorite. Not only does she seem like the coolest person ever to have lived, but I love her writing style; it's such an inspiration to me. I hope I have a confident voice like hers at some point in my writing career. ANYWAYS. SHE WON THE FREAKING OSCAR FOR BEST SCREENPLAY.

I was excited. The awards were fun last night. I liked all the little montages and splices from the past 80 years of Oscars. I love Jack Lemmon and he popped up quite a few times in there.

In other news, my computer is WAY messed up (after spending 2.5 hours on the phone with a man in India last night, my dad realized there needed to be a service call), i.e. I'm waiting for a replacement keyboard and mouse pad/area/thing. So Pete was gracious enough to let me use his fancy schmancy Apple laptop all day, since he's in school. Thanks boo!

Light posting the next couple of days? I don't understand Macs, so sorry.

One last picture: here's me, utterly confused about this smaller, whiter, brighter little laptop:

(or not. because i have no clue how to find it.)


22 February 2008


(via Kaj Bjurman)

EEEEEEE. Sorry for the lack of posting the last couple of days. Pete had a snow day off yesterday, so we hung out ALL DAY LONG (something that hasn't happened in weeks). Then today, one of my classes got canceled, but the other one is still on (I'm sitting in it right now, actually). BUT Wilson School was canceled (my after-school job) so it's pretty much a snow day for me.

Me and Pete don't have a whole lot of plans for today. First of all, we're going to go see Be Kind Rewind at the Chase around 2 today. We are both so excited about it.

Then I think we're just going to hang out. Maybe we'll go visit poor lil Louie (he's sick) and hang out with my family, or maybe we'll just sit around watching The Office. I don't know.

Unfortunately, the snow isn't really snow, it's more...ice. We had ice pellets raining from the sky all day yesterday. It was weird. I don't think I had ever seen anything like that before. I shall post pictures later today, from a couple of different things...I've been behind with the pictures on my camera. :(

19 February 2008

My crush

I have a secret love for a certain someone, and her name is Zooey Deschanel.

First of all, she and M. Ward are making an album together. Well, I guess I should say DID make an album together, because the other morning a little bird told me about it and, well, let's just say that I have the full leaked version of the March 18th release - Volume 1. PLEASE tell me that means that there are more volumes to come.

She is the epitome of everything I wish I was: she's cute, she knits, she crafts, she likes to sing and dance. And, okay, I can do all (or at least most) of those things, but STILL.

Check out some of their duets:

"Change is Hard" - M. Ward and Zooey Deschanel

"You Really Got a Hold On Me" - " "

Enjoy! And remember...she's gorgeous.

Library Card Catalog

I want one. So bad. I just spent a good 45 minutes frantically searching ebay and craigslist...in every state and city that is within ten hours of St. Louis. I did find many "wanted" listings in this domain, but I only found one "for sale" library card catalog: in Crown City, Ohio, which is a little over seven hours away from me.

I love libraries, and I love reading. I would LOVE to use this to store all my little crafty supplies in: beads in a couple drawers, yarn snippets in one, stickers in another...BLISS.

Anyone know where I can get one?

Adolie Day

Today I had the chance to "stumble" around the net for awhile, and I came across the gorgeous adolie day. First of all, it's French, which makes it SO MUCH COOLER than an American blog [don't get me wrong, I love American blogs, because I can actually read them, but it just makes me want to go to France even more]

The woman who writes this blog is a painter/illustrator and lives in Nantes, France.

I love her illustrations, they're so pretty.

[I apologize for the graininess of these pictures, I'm not sure what is going on with them/me today]

Check her store out here, and her blog is here.


Okay, so, I browse sites like it's my job (man, I wish I could have a job like that). Upon spending a couple of hours on etsy the other night, I came across these ADORABLE desktop friends from TADworks. Look at them!!

These Po were making a Po-man in the snow...and the lil yellow guy in the back is about to hit one of my his Po family members with a little snowball.

This is Papa Po, complete with new Po-baby and bottle.

Sleepy Po, with his nightcap and bunny stuffed animal.

My personal favorite: Po with a piece of chocolate cake.

These little guys are all adorable...but this is the piece that REALLY got me looking at the whole collection:

Now, my dad golfs, but I don't know if he golfs enough to really APPRECIATE one of these little "golfer taddies".

Now go look at the rest of the cute Po people!!


Okay so last night I watched The Apartment (for the first time) for my City and Literature class. I loved it- loved the plotline, Jack Lemmon, the cinematography, and especially...Shirley MacLaine's hair.


I've been trying to figure out what to do with my hair for quite awhile, and I think I found the solution... you're looking at it. I think that everyone pretty much knows what my hair looks like currently (if not, check out the profile picture). I really do want to do it. After the cold leaves St. Louis. It's too cold to do it now. But in our hot, sticky, humid summers...it will be perfect.


Grrr, technical difficulties...

Yesterday blogger was not digging on me. I had some issues making the posts I WANTED to make. So I'm going to do them all today. Sorry about that delay, I was really looking forward to all of them.

As for now, I know I've blogged about them before, but Vampire Weekend is seriously one of my favorite bands. And look how cute their music video for "A-Punk" is.

13 February 2008


Mod*Mom has some INSANE giveaways going on, but only until TOMORROW. Like, she has $3500 worth of giveaways. And all the prizes are sweeeeet- literally, because she's giving away CUPCAKES. Check it out, ya'll. via designmom

pretty pastel painting by kuesmith

12 February 2008


I just found out about this site called dormbuys. I know it's typical of a college student to become obsessed with a site like this...but I was blown away.

Here are some of my favorite things from the site:

Bathroom Tote- $14.95 (although I guess I don't really need this much longer because NEXT YEAR I'LL BE LIVING IN AN APARTMENT)

Ironing Blanket (as seen on apartmenttherapy) $7.46

Atom Floor Mirror - $129.99

Kensington Chair - $247.99 (I would love to get a crazy printed fabric and do some re-upholstering)

White Side Table - $59.99 (I don't know what I would do to this, maybe sand it down and make it look kind of antique-y)

Eeee. I just got REALLY excited about living in a bigger space next year (aka seven months or so)

11 February 2008

Ez does it again!!!

I feel as though I've been blogging a lot about Miss Ez lately...because she's amazing and she's just outdone herself AGAIN.

She has made a lovely directory of her favorite design blogs. I can only imagine how long it must have taken her to do all of this, but the results are beautiful.

My favorite lookers:

Plus, my new FAVORITE blog...

Check it out.

Louie Louie

Start up that music...

and look at my new puppy dog!!!

At ten weeks old, he's already a real looker. I love how he just sort of collapses upon himself...hence the paws sticking out.

I cuddled with him all day on Saturday. It was glorious.

08 February 2008

Love love

I mean, if you can't share someone else's toothbrush...

via A Cup of Jo via BellaMuse

New Puppy?

So, talking to my mom yesterday...I found out that we are maybe getting a puppy dog! My mom wants one, and dad is on business a lot and is gone all day at work anyways...so this weekend we are having a trial run. We are "renting" our puppy (10 months old, german sherpherd/lab mix) for the weekend to see how mom does.

So, I'm spending every free second at home this weekend to play with our maybe? puppy. I'm thinking he should look like this:

via here

How flipping cute is that? I am going to cuddle the little pooch a LOT this weekend.

Art Deco

I have always loved a little art deco inspiration. We were talking about art deco in my Literature of the City class, and I was inspired to do some Etsy searching on the topic...

March Pin-Up Girl - EmilyBalivet

Coco Chanel 1920 Evening Dress Note Card - ClaudiaCreates

Pretty Vintage Cabochon Buttons - atomicveggiecom

Winged Beetle Pendant Necklace - pickypicky

Vanity Necklace - t8designs

I wish that my hair looked like this. If I had pale skin, I would TOTALLY just make myself up to look like this everyday.

06 February 2008

J.Crew Sale!

More items have been added. I'm excited. Yay for tax rebate checks!

Brass Button Cardigan - $39.99

Sophie Peacoat Sweater- $79.99

Bumble Tartan Mini - $39.99

Silk Taffeta Parlour Skirt - $79.99

Is it so wrong that I like this dress? &79.99

Chino Liana Jacket - $69.99

Oh, be still my heart... $199.99

Can you tell I like bright colors?