11 December 2008

This is the epitome of everything I love.

I know, I post a LOT of commercials on here. And I am sorry about that.

BUT. BUT. BUT. This one is PERFECTION! I have wanted Miss Dior Cherie for quite some time now (I smelled it in a magazine and was, like, drunk with happiness). This commercial is wonderful because:
1. It was directed by Sofia Coppola. So, not only is it full of light (one of her trademarks), but it's really reminiscent of Marie Antoinette, which I LOVE
2. There are balloons
3. There are pink dresses
4. They are in Paris
5. There are sweets, in a patisserie!
6. There are cute boys
7. There are smiles and happiness

Yeah. Perfection. Not sure? Check it out for yourself:

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