10 November 2009

Only Eight Months to Go!

Yikes! Only eight months left until the big day :)

I know that it seems really far away, but it seemed far-er away in June and wow, June doesn't feel like it was so long ago.

So, here is what we have figured out so far:

1. Church booked
2. Officiant booked
3. Reception site booked
4. DJs/DJ equipment booked
5. Wedding dress purchased
6. Bridesmaids dresses picked out/some are purchased
7. Wedding Invitation designer :)
8. 90% finished with picking out a photographer (I am SO excited about this!!!)
9. Everything ordered to make save-the-dates
10. Some church readings picked out

...I think that's it. I have a couple of hair accessories I like that I can't decide between. I'll post those later this week and ya'll can tell me what you think.

One thing that I have gotten excited about as the months have passed, surprisingly, is the flowers. At first I was convinced that we would carry fake flowers, or something creative, like button flowers or balloon flowers or fabric flowers but as time passes, I really, really want beautiful, real flowers. Weird. Guess I'm more of a girl than I thought.

So, how are you? Tell me about your life these past few weeks. I've missed you all!

[photo by Ryan Gladstone]


Katie said...

I love your photographer choice! I just looked through so many pages of his blog and I am so jealous! I can't wait to see your pictures.

missy. said...

he looks like an amazing photographer.

you really have accomplished so much. congrats lady!

and i loove your dress. thanks again for emailing me pictures!

mh said...

I'm so glad you're going with real flowers! That's one of my weaknesses. I love real flowers so much more than fake!!

I've missed you here, too.

Laura said...

Kaylen! I am so excited for you! & I'm so looking forward to working with you on your invitations!
8 months is going to come & go so quickly!

Marisa said...

ps you've been tagged