10 June 2010

Only One Month To Go!!

I know I've been saying it for the last eight months or so, but I CANNOT BELIEVE IT.

One month from today, I'm getting married.

Exactly one month from this very moment (as I type these words, it is 11 AM) I will be posing for pictures with my bridesmaids. My hair and make-up will be finished. The flowers will be picked up from here. Mostly likely, I'll be freaking out (which means subsequently drinking champagne and/or shots of something fruity).

But that isn't what this post is about. I am getting so, SO excited. Everything is coming together, as I'll soon outline.

So, some stuff we've accomplished in the last month:

1. Went to our first pre-cana session last Sunday - and we have another one this upcoming Sunday. It wasn't too bad!
2. Bought wedding bands - we're picking them up tomorrow, since they had to be sized.
3. Booked the rest of our honeymoon (the way home), with the exception of one last night. It'll probably be somewhere in Nebraska. Yay?
4. Finally, FINALLY we met with our officiant. It was like a cat and mouse game to get a hold of him. It was ridiculous. But we met with him and it went really well.
5. Decided on a cake for Pete and I to cut. We wanted one that had chocolate frosting but I saw a cake in the most recent issue of Martha Stewart Weddings (seriously, best wedding magazine ever. I'm probably still going to buy it after the wedding because it's just so pretty) that I just fell in love with. So, since Lindsay is awesome, she was fine with us changing the design. (Seriously, if you need her to bake you anything delicious and you live in St. Louis? Give her a call; she's awesome.)
6. Picked a first dance song - "Love and Some Verses" by Iron & Wine. (you can listen to the song below on youtube)

7. Sent invitations. And we received about half of the responses back! It's so much fun to come home every day and see who is coming. And only three different groups of people declined so far - out of like 60.
8. Had a bridal shower in Cape Girardeau with Pete's family, and then had a surprise bridal shower the following weekend with my grade school friends and Soulard neighbor friends! I've never had a surprise party thrown for me, so it was super fun.
9. Finished all the bridesmaids gifts. Everything is ready and assembled!
10. Began to buy gifts for all the other people that are doing awesome things for us.
11. Bought cake toppers from this store - they're naked. Pete is going to paint them.
12. Found a place to get my dress pressed.
13. Got all of the groomsmen/ushers fitted for suits. I think.
14. Started burning CDs of This American Life and some other foodie podcasts for our road trip.

Whew! Busy busy. It's probably a good thing that I don't have a full-time job right now. Seriously, there's so much stuff to do!


Bridgett said...

If you want to rip some other TAL I have several CDs.

mh said...

Almost here! SO excited for you and for all of us! Things really are coming together, and you'll be ready in plenty of time. Just relax and enjoy!

I looked up the lyrics to your first dance song. Very sweet! :)

Amanda said...

So exciting...I've been meaning to write on this post, but I don't think you'll read it until it's too late since your wedding is TOMORROW! You will have the best day ever :)

Amanda said...

Okay, so judging by your most recent post your wedding is no tomorrow...oops. I thought you literally meant one month away--guess I'll just have to save my well wishes for your actual wedding date:)