21 March 2011

Farm Fresh Cupcakes

Sorry for the void of blog posts this last month or so.

But I actually have a good excuse! I am starting a business. FINALLY - something that I WANT to do with my time.

And guess what? It's a cupcake business!

It's called Farm Fresh Cupcakes. You should definitely become a fan on facebook and twitter. My website isn't 110% ready yet. Actually it isn't even like 60% ready yet, so I'm not going to link it. But I purchased the domain name and everything!

These last few weeks have been insane. I work at my day job all day, come home, and set up shop on the couch working on FFC things. It's like having two jobs - working on my business plan, applying to fairs and farmers markets to vend, reaching out to people to help me, creating and testing recipes, and coordinating all of this web stuff. Not to mention making lists of everything I need to pull this off - like a new mixer and lots of cupcake liners and junk like that.

It's gone really, really well so far - I was even mentioned in Sauce Magazine's blog! - but it's been exhausting. I'm not saying that I'll NEVER write again but it's quite likely that you won't be hearing much out of the happy notions corner of my brain for awhile.

So far, I have learned that I will be selling cupcakes every Saturday morning at the Tower Grove Farmer's Market - which was my first choice! If you're in the area, you should come say hi. It's until 12:30 p.m. by the playground, near the center of the park. I've also already booked a few private events (nothing huge, but nonetheless, it's experience!) along with one BIG festival but I can't really talk about it yet because I don't think it's official.

So. I'm not saying goodbye for good, and I always appreciate some comment-lovin', but to be honest I may not be back for awhile.

And I'm sad that I can't upload pictures of my creations to this blog post right now because I'm on my work computer and I can't access facebook (lame) and I also don't have my camera (double lame), but if you go the facebook link above you can see what I have so far.

I hope all is well with you, dear readers! Thanks for all of the support in the past. I would love to meet you in the coming months if you're in the St. Louis area!

p.s. that is my preliminary logo up there. in case you were wondering.


sonrie said...

sounds exciting!

Mary P said...

Kaylen! This sounds awesome! I want to try some of your creations! Especially the sweet potato cupcake, due to my love of sweet potato casserole and sweet potato fries. Mmmmm.... sometime after August when I am back in the Lou, I will have to purchase one or two or twenty of your cupcakes. HOW COOL!