23 May 2008

Graduations and other things

It's been awhile, I'm sorry. But I have good reason! I haven't woken up last 7:30 AM the last two weeks! And I've been going going going all day since then!

In other news, Emme graduated from Rosati-Kain, and Pete graduated from SLU.

I know, cute, right?

This whole week I've been working at the Cakery and finishing up at Wilson, which has made for ten or eleven hour days...yay, summer?

My Aunt Kathy, Uncle Scott, and Grandma and Grandpa came in for Emme's graduation, which was nice. It was fun to hang out and see everyone, since they all live far away and we live here.

And that's pretty much it. Not much to report here, just getting stuff together. Pete is coming back to St. Louis today and I'm excited to see him again! Hopefully we won't be apart very long again, because it's hard. He's truly wonderful...

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Laura said...

yay! graduations are fun!

funny...both jason & my brother graduated, too.
what a silly similarity between us!

PS whenever will your life slow down enough for us to have our apron party?!