02 May 2008

Secret #2

I have this great habit of watching a new movie (this really only counts when I see a film in theatres) and then REALLY, REALLY wanting to be the character in the movie.

For instance, Pete and I just got back from Iron Man. I was being a little butthead about it, because after classes all day and a reslife banquet, I just wanted to go to sleep. BUT, we went and it was...AWESOME. I mean...AWESOME. And of course I want to be a superhero after this. I would even go for playing Pepper Potts, Gwyneth Paltrow's character, the cool assistant to Robert Downey Jr.'s character.

My first memory of this heavy desire to become what I've just seen was after watching (cringe, I know) Sum of All Fears...yes, that Sum of All Fears, the one starring Ben Affleck, based on that Tom Clancy novel. That night, I dreamt that I was Ben Affleck and that I had to save the world.

Then, next was X2. I wanted to be an X-Man (X-Woman?). It was great. Good, good film.

And then, it was Pirates of the Caribbean. I've also wanted to be a soccer player after seeing Bend it Like Beckham. I wanted to play softball after A League of Their Own. Then, there's the practically should TOTALLY be obvious film called ALMOST FAMOUS. I watched that movie for the first time, and soon after began to write for a little magazine called playback:stl. It's no Rolling Stone, but I sort of achieved my dream. Next stop, superhero!

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Laura said...

You're already a superhero in my book!