08 July 2009

Backseam Tights

Ever since I first saw Some Like it Hot (which was when I was 10ish years old), and Marilyn Monroe (as Sugar Kane) asked, "Are my seams straight?" I have wanted backseamed tights.

They are super classy, remind me of the 1940s, and are just so cool and sophisticated looking. Now, if only I had some place to wear them...

Upon Google searching, I found quite a few different (albeit pricy) options:

Casablanca Backseam Tights, from ModCloth

Gerbe Backseam Fatal Tights, from Mytights.com

Hue Backseam Sheers, from Lori's Shoes

Sheer Luxe Back Seam Pantyhose - American Apparel


Katie said...

Try this for cheaper options (Victoria's Secret has some for $9!): http://www.shopstyle.com/browse/womens-intimates?fl=p7&fts=back+seam

I love old movies too! They are so glamorous.

Bridgett said...

I wore a pair to prom. With a knee-length poufy black velvet dress. Loved it. So did someone else....

Fashion Pix said...

I have a pair, but I never wore them yet. Don't know why actually..