21 September 2007

Cute new website???

Well, it's not really new. But it is adorable, and I just found it. Like maybe a half hour ago. So look at it!

And here's a cute cupcake book that the lady/artist wrote, about...cupcakes! Which is one of my favorite things EVER.

Man, I love me some cupcakes. If I was on my computer right now, I would upload a sweet picture of these delicious banana butterscotch cupcakes me and Pete made. Actually...

here are the marshmallow fluff/chocolate cupcakes we made. That's right, we made HOMEMADE marshmallow fluff. I was so proud.

And, the banana butterscotch cupcakes...which were by FAR my favorite of our array of choices. I want to make them again. Like now.

Man. Now my mouth is all watery.

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