16 September 2007

Woody Allen = genius.

Movies I have seen by the great master (in personal order):
+ Annie Hall
+ Manhattan
+ Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex * But Were Afraid to Ask
+ Hannah and Her Sisters
+ Take the Money and Run
+ Love and Death

Pete and I rented Manhattan together after we both realized that neither of us had seen it, and ever since, we've been Woody Allen rentin' fools. I REALLY liked Hannah and Her Sisters, because it's so beautifully done. Woody Allen's character has this great monologue towards the end that I wish I would have copied word-for-word and taped it to my mirror so I could read it every morning as I brush my teeth.

Right now I'm watching Love Actually. It makes me happy that I'm in LOVE, and I wish that it was Christmastime, even though...well, a lot of stuff that will happen for me between now and Christmas would be lost, and that would be sad.


ANYWAYS. Here we go. Back to work. More bloggering tomorrow!

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