26 September 2007

Holy eyelashes, batman!!

It's finally autumn!

I love it. The weather is beautiful. I've been wearing my favorite men's cardigan today...which was originally not supposed to be mine, buuuuut it shrank. In the wash/dryer. A lot.

I'm in class- big surprise.

Oh, how wonderful this weather is...yay!!

(photo taken from here)

24 September 2007

I do not like papers.

Take home test. Still working on it. Hopefully I'll have some great time to post some more dream objects tomorrow.

But I was thinking...geez. I need to get $96,000. I want to a lot of it. Furreal.


22 September 2007

Deal or No Deal...

So, I don't really understand why people like this show so much. I'm watching the season premiere right now (rerun I guess) and it's really, really dumb. This Italian-New Yorker woman is making me want to kick her in the eye with a stiletto. I know, it's cruel...but it's the truth. She is just SO SO SO SO SO annoying. All the women that hold the cases are very pretty, though. So that's nice, at least there is some beauty around, because the player is just so damn ANNOYING.

I need to take pictures of the stuff I got at the Strange Folk Festival, because it's really cute. So that will be tomorrow.

Now I am going to do my work.

Well, actually, no. First I am going to make a wishlist. Because this dumb lady turned down Donald Trump's $96,000 offer on the show.

What I would have done with $96,000 from Donald Trump:

+ This Sussex Low Dresser from DWR: $2,900

+ This beautiful, full-sized bed: $1,350 (+ a comfortable mattress, like a Memory Foam Mattress which would be about $1,259; a beautiful comforter no more than $100; and the same sheet set that I have on my current bed, but in full size, which would be about $140). Grand total = $2849

+ This amazing bookcase (I want an entire wall of books) $2,500

+ These sweet shoes from Nike. I don't really like Nike stuff, but I'm digging their new/old kicks. There are a couple different styles, and since we're playing the wishlist game, I will add two pairs to my list: total= $160

+ This amazing Smythson of Bond Street travel bag- it was grey and yellow and BEAUTIFUL. I guess the store discontinued the Capri line, though, and now I cannot find a picture of it that is big enough for me to be satisfied with. This is the closest that I have seen, though. Sorry about its size/bluriness. It was about $2,500.

+ This gorgeous dress from Betsey Johnson...I am pretty much obsessed with her. I wouldn't wear this very often, but it reminds me a beautiful cupcake. I could see myself wearing this dress to a holiday party with black sweater tights and a gorgeous up-do. $415

+ Yay! Polka-dot cardigan! AMAZING!

+ This pink KitchenAid mixer (supports Breast Cancer researching!) $349

+ a heavy duty sewing machine. I imagine it would be something similar to this: $480

+ The Apple iPhone. I have been lusting after this for quite some time. $399

+ A huge array of magazine subscriptions, including but not limited to:

Real Simple



Cottage Living







Martha Stewart Living

other graphic design magazines that I deem worthy
= will probably equal about $400 for two years worth of mags

+ A Fender Jazzmaster guitar. Ever since I saw Robert Carmine with his, I've wanted a pink one, like this: $1,439 (ish)

+ A crapload of computer software...like this!
-Microsoft Streets and Trips: $39.99
-Home Design Stuff

Okay, here is the grad total so far:
amount spent = $14650
amount left = $81,350

This is a fun game! I'll continue to update this as time goes by. The thing is, I could have just gone and spent all of that moolah on college loans. But noooope! Screw that.

Strange Folk Festival!!!

I was SO excited when I woke up today, so that I could go to the festival! It was good fun. I didn't get there early enough to get a free tote bag, but that's okay. It was still super fun and I met some nice people. Oh, and I saw a few hipsters. I just don't think that there are many hipsters in the St. Louis area. Sad day.

It goes on until 6:00 this evening, so if you can get out there, do it!

PS: a TON of people had record bowls for sale. I would like to take this opportunity to say that I have been making record bowls in my oven, stinking up my house/apartment for close to five years now. I'm just saying...

21 September 2007

Cute new website???

Well, it's not really new. But it is adorable, and I just found it. Like maybe a half hour ago. So look at it!

And here's a cute cupcake book that the lady/artist wrote, about...cupcakes! Which is one of my favorite things EVER.

Man, I love me some cupcakes. If I was on my computer right now, I would upload a sweet picture of these delicious banana butterscotch cupcakes me and Pete made. Actually...

here are the marshmallow fluff/chocolate cupcakes we made. That's right, we made HOMEMADE marshmallow fluff. I was so proud.

And, the banana butterscotch cupcakes...which were by FAR my favorite of our array of choices. I want to make them again. Like now.

Man. Now my mouth is all watery.

Something you should know about me...

is that I enjoy loud, obnoxious things. Recently, I've been thinking that I really want a pair of freaking sweet bright adidas shoes. Opinions, anyone? These are the five that I have narrowed it down to.

Sweet shoe #1:

Sweet shoe #2:

Sweet shoe #3:

Sweet shoe #4:

Sweet shoe #5:

Lemme know what you think! I really want some. I haven't had "new school shoes" in a loooong time. All I buy is flats...which are fantastic. I REALLY like flats over heels. A lot.

Happy Birthday little sister!

It was my lil sis' birthday on Thursday! I didn't get to see her on the 20th, but I'm going to take her out for a fantastic date later next week. I bought her a cute book. I hope she'll like it.

Happy belated birthday, little sissy!
Here's some cupcakes for you. If I had a kitchen, I would attempt to make these...and then we shove them in our faces.


Well, it's a good thing that I'm having an evening in, because this blog is in DIRE need of updates. Sorry I've been so busy, it's just been a long last few days, so this shall be my FIRST of updates.

I'm watching Clone High with Pete and Frank. I think we may go to a party later, but I'm feeling pretty cozy leaning up against my bf and wearing a big, splendid hoodie.

Oh, Clone High. How you were so incredibly amazing when MTV used to be good...

17 September 2007


Sometimes I think that the shirts Threadless has put out lately have been pretty dumb, but I like this shirt. It made me LOL...seriously.

Buy it here.

16 September 2007

Woody Allen = genius.

Movies I have seen by the great master (in personal order):
+ Annie Hall
+ Manhattan
+ Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex * But Were Afraid to Ask
+ Hannah and Her Sisters
+ Take the Money and Run
+ Love and Death

Pete and I rented Manhattan together after we both realized that neither of us had seen it, and ever since, we've been Woody Allen rentin' fools. I REALLY liked Hannah and Her Sisters, because it's so beautifully done. Woody Allen's character has this great monologue towards the end that I wish I would have copied word-for-word and taped it to my mirror so I could read it every morning as I brush my teeth.

Right now I'm watching Love Actually. It makes me happy that I'm in LOVE, and I wish that it was Christmastime, even though...well, a lot of stuff that will happen for me between now and Christmas would be lost, and that would be sad.


ANYWAYS. Here we go. Back to work. More bloggering tomorrow!

15 September 2007

I wish I was a member of the Zissou Society

I'm doing homework on a lovely Saturday afternoon, watching The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou with some friends...actually I think I have a picture of all of us somewhere. Let me check.


Me and my friends: (minus Steve, Pete's twin brother)

(this picture was taken during a fort party last year; from l-r: Mary, Frank, Pete, Me)

Oh, and this is me with the twinsies back in December...I don't have a lot of recent pictures of the five of us together.

Back to homeworkin'! Me and Pete are going to see They Might Be Giants tonight, and then we are going to Berlin Whale @ the Billiken Club. If you live in St. Louis, GO TO THE BILLIKEN CLUB. It's great.

14 September 2007

Things that make me happy:

+ my boyfriend, Pete, who makes me feel like a million bucks, all the time.

+ Sex and the City...I've never been so obsessed with a tv show before. This show makes me want to live in NYC in a huge apartment and wear designer shoes and prance around the city. Even if I COULD afford that type of lifestyle, though, I would be tripping all over the big city, because I can't really walk in heels, at ALL.

+ My happy little eggling!

+ cute dressies (especially those from Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, J.Crew, etc)

+ pretty pearls

+ cupcakes! I had a cupcake party this summer with a bunch of friends. It was delicious.

+ This book, The History of Love, by Nicole Krauss

Anyways, off to work! I love picture posts.

13 September 2007

I am slightly obsessed...

with cardigans. I have four right now, and my fall shopping will hopefully leave me with some new ones. They are pretty much perfect.

J.Crew has some fantastic new ones, but they are cashmere...which means they are super expensive. Check out this sweet striped one here...and browse all the others that they have available.

Also, I really REALLY want this jacket.

Oh, J.Crew. How I love thee.

A couple things...

First of all, this is the FIRST plant that I've ever grown myself...and it's LIVING! I am so proud- seriously. It's a cute lil eggling plant, and some pretty purple flowers should sprout out of those cute green things soon.

In other news, Pete got his new MacBook today. He's totally psyched about it. And I'm totally jealous. Good thing we're together a lot, or else I would be stalking him a LOT.

Also, my floor (I'm an RA for freshmen at SLU) and I decorated our community bathroom today. It looks GREAT. Here are some pictures of the girls working on everything.

Laura said that SLUTV should have a "Kraft Time with Kaylen". You have NO idea how happy that made me.

More when at the desk!

12 September 2007

Yay for first post!

Well, here we are again. I got really sick of my old blog, so I decided to start a new one. My 40 x 365 sort of died...awhile ago. Sorry about that.

I am pretty excited about this new blog, though...it is going to be about all fun stuff! Cute things I see, do, watch, take part of, etc. So you can follow along with my life!

Creepy? No way.

I'm sitting in my class of Human Growth and Development right now, learning about birth. It's making me want a baby, even though I know that this part is going to be painful.

If I had a baby, I would get him/her this:

That's all for now! I am super excited about this new blog.