30 April 2008

I'm a Millenial...

are you? If you born between 1981 and 2000, you ARE.

If I wasn't one, and if I was a 45-year old woman without children, I would be scared of them. There are millions of websites dedicated to "learning how to work with millenials", or "ways to deal with millenials".

This angers me. In my business and professional writing course, we watched a short movie thing on youtube about millenials and baby-boomers, and the way that the two sort of clash.

This video claims that there is no discipline in millenials' lives. It claims that their parents are doing all the work, are lenient, and are "carefree".

UM, NO?!? At least not in my life. They mention piano lessons. When the baby boomers were learning piano, their parents were strict, making them practice everyday. With millenials, the parents said, "oh, yeah, learn piano! Next week you'll want to learn guitar!" My mom has been a pianist since she was probably 11 or 12, and so when I started piano lessons when I was about seven, she made me practice everyday. And I'm glad she did! I wouldn't have on my own time, I needed a push. That push helped because when I hit high school, and even college, I knew what I had to do to keep myself on top of things.

"We definitely put lifestyle and friends above work". That is a DIRECT quote from the second part of this special. I don't. I spent SO MUCH TIME with my RA position this year, my Wilson position, and even my position as a student. I have HARDLY seen my friends this year, because I've been so damn busy trying to keep everything in my life in order.

But apparently we are positioned as being "the next greatest generation in history." I have NO idea how that title is existent, with all this crap that I've written about above. For the baby boomers, failure was the end. They started a new career. They got in HUGE trouble. With us, failure is considered good (I guess). The world has just morphed into such a world of opportunities, and my generation (and their parents) grab as many of those opportunities as possible. When I was little, I played basketball, volleyball, softball, soccer for awhile, was in the speech league, took tap and ballet classes, and still hung out with my friends.

Argh. This has put a damper on my day. Oh well.


Bridgett said...

Ah, millenials. There is a difference. My sisters are both in your generation; I'm smack dab in the middle of gen x. and we HATE boomers. They continue to ruin our lives. Daily. They're so frickin spoiled and self-centered.

My sisters tell me, though, that millenials look at gen x'ers and think we're losers. Total drop out latchkey kid bitter cynical losers.

And we are.

nat said...

Yep, sounds like I am a millenial.
Though as I've gotten older realised that all that stuff that was a priority when I was younger was silly and hence all the debt and trouble that our generation is going through now. The fact that there is no way I could buy a house now unless I won tatslotto. I should of listened to my mum about saving money ha ha.