23 July 2009

Where the Hell is Matt?

Pete showed this to me a long time ago, and I recently came across it again.

Even though it's probably the third or fourth time that I've seen it, it still made me tear up. Also - it makes me realize that the world is okay.

14 July 2009

Craft Project #1 of New Apartment

I'm pretty proud of this. Back here, I said that I was going to make a mosaic of old credit cards in a picture frame.

Well, upon moving in to the new place and finding places for all the old picture frames (non-mosaic, respectively), I realized just how many picture frames already exist here. So I tweaked the idea a bit and it turned into THIS:

A remote control caddy! It's sad, because in my old apartment with Sarah and Marcy, we had three remotes. Here, there are only two. Oh well.

Wanna know how to do it? I remembered to take pictures step by step! Woo hoo!

First, gather lots of old credit cards/AAA cards/gift cards/ID cards.

Then cut them into long strips, about a centimeter and a half thick or so.

Then, cut THOSE strips into smaller bits.

Then, began gluing each small piece onto your desired object. I found this plate at Crate & Barrel five months ago, and never did anything with it. It was cheap. It's melamine. I originally was going to use permanent markers and draw rough-shaped remotes, but I changed my mind.

Anyways, then, you began gluing the pieces into place. Some tips: put pieces next to each other that are NOT the same color (duh). I had a lot of yellow pieces. But the plate as a whole looks good still. Also, the only glue I had handy was rubber cement, which worked fine, but was very messy, made my fingers sticky, and made the job more difficult than necessary. I would suggest getting some type of wood glue, or fabric glue.

This was the tedious part. I watched a lot of The Office when I was doing this.

Wheee! And, as a sneak peek, here's my current project. It has to do with this:

11 July 2009

Spam Illustrations

I always seem to forget where I bookmark these cool things from. So, sorry about that.

But somehow, I came across these sweet spam illustrations by Elliott Burford. So clever!

08 July 2009

Backseam Tights

Ever since I first saw Some Like it Hot (which was when I was 10ish years old), and Marilyn Monroe (as Sugar Kane) asked, "Are my seams straight?" I have wanted backseamed tights.

They are super classy, remind me of the 1940s, and are just so cool and sophisticated looking. Now, if only I had some place to wear them...

Upon Google searching, I found quite a few different (albeit pricy) options:

Casablanca Backseam Tights, from ModCloth

Gerbe Backseam Fatal Tights, from Mytights.com

Hue Backseam Sheers, from Lori's Shoes

Sheer Luxe Back Seam Pantyhose - American Apparel


I'm having a little housewarming/apartment warming party this upcoming Saturday, and I have decided that a batch or two of sangria must be made. I found what looks like a pretty promising recipe on Whole Foods' website, but if anyone has a truly amazing recipe for sangria and wants to share...well, I would appreciate it :)

07 July 2009

50 People, 1 Question

I came across this project on tumblr today. I was in awe and yes, I teared up a little bit.

Fifty People, One Question: Brooklyn from Fifty People, One Question on Vimeo.


Just a little project I'm working on.

05 July 2009


Okay, so I'm at my house, doing laundry. It's too bad I didn't bring a book to read, because I am BORED. However, I got on the home computer and decided, hey, I should look for some new cute clothes.

Nevermind the fact that I have less than a hundred bucks in my checking account.

Nevermind that I have an outstanding ticket that needs to be paid to the city of St. Louis.

Nevermind that I have been unpacking my clothes at the new place and there is just NO ROOM for all of them.

However, I just found out that my dad (businessman by day, photographer by night) is willing to take engagement pictures of Pete and I! Which is super exciting, because one of my favorite things to look at on wedding blogs are the engagement sessions. So I decided that I needed to find some cute clothes that I could buy (when I have money) someday (like in August).

Here's what I found on ModCloth that I really, really like.

The Senorita Skirt. I could wear this with a simple white shirt or tank top.

The Maureen Dress - adorable. Could top with a little white capelet or sweater-ette.

The Floral Shop Dress - I love the pink with the bright bursts of flowers.

Sundae Shoes in Caramel - OMG, heels!!! I could maybe wear heels.

High Stakes Heels in Tobacco - these shoesies just remind me of the 1920s.

Amsterdam Blouse in Bluebell - I think this shirt is amazing. If I could wear high-waisted pants, these would be worn with high-waisted pants.

And, just for good measure, I really, really want this trench.

04 July 2009


I am so sorry. I am without Internet (having just moved) and pretty much just been running up and down stairs for the last 3 days straight moving all my junk in.

But it's awesome. There will be pictures someday.

Also, just because I'm super excited and feel like bragging - I GOT A LIBRARY CARD CATALOG. And yeah, it IS the most amazing thing ever.