28 April 2009

Feeling Inspired.

I've been feeling so inspired lately, but there's no time to do anything! Just 11 more days of school...

Jen Gotch, of ban.do fame, has a pretty blog and flickr of her polaroids. I want all of them. I also would love for even a couple of my polaroids to look so light...mine always come out looking kind of dark. [The pictures below are from Jen's flickr]

Sprinkle necklaces have been making me happy. I'm sure there is some way to do this myself, but I really like these two, by zombuki and isewcute, respectively.

My catalogued bookmark sites! I had about 570 crafty bookmarks (okay, no, it's not 2000 like I originally thought, but it's close I suppose) that I catalogued last week, or the week before or something, by categories, like paper, wood, lighting, etc. They are in a huge word document right now, and some of the crafts/artsy things I'm looking most forward to do this summer are:

Gift-Wrapping Station from Martha

Some nice applique pillows from design*sponge

I need to find a round ottoman so that I can recreate this look from curbly. I'm going to use my old Catholic school girl skirt :)

"Old Plastic" mosaic - using old credit cards, gift cards, metro cards, etc - to create a bright, colorful picture frame. From Craftystylish

Whew! Well, seeing all of these pretty things makes me want to do all my work right now so that I can get going on crafts now...but that just won't happen yet. Soon, soon, soon...

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Hello there! My name is June said...

Hey Kaylen,

Thank you for featuring jewelry by Zombuki & myself! I bet you'd have tons of fun making it! If you are interested in trying it, there is a resin tutorial on my blog: www.isewcute.blogspot.com ...just type 'resin tutorial' into the search bar....or check out zombuki for her downloadable pdf tutorial which she's selling... both are great to get you going on making fun resin jewelry! Thank you again for featuring us...we're both on etsy's crafting in color team & love what we do!