10 May 2010

Only Two Months to go!

Can you believe it? Just two months left!

(For the record, I cannot believe it. It's insane.)

Since school is almost over (one paper left, and six days until graduation!) I'm looking forward to totally concentrating on wedding planning and getting everything together to create a really, really awesome party.

So here's what we've taken care of in the last month:

1. Booked two pre-cana sessions - to get married in the Catholic Church, you have to attend these - and wow, they were expensive. Ridiculous. As if we aren't already spending a ton of money...
2. Went to our reception place and tested out the DJ equipment that our friends Christian and Kyle are going to use.
3. Set up transportation for the day. This was something we had debated about - is it worth it to hire a driver and a party bus? We decided that yes, it was - and we had money in the budget for it. It'll just be nice to have the whole bridal party together.
4. Mary Helen, Pete's mom, came up to St. Louis last week and we went shopping for flower girl dress fabric - and we finally found some! They'll be super cute; grey and pink (to match our wedding colors).
5. Got our free tickets to Disneyland.
6. Went to our reception place and did some tastings. We decided on a chicken sonoma, which is chicken with a light sauce, artichokes, and roasted red peppers. Also on the menu: garlic mashed potatoes and a vegetable medley. And a house salad. And some awesome cupcakes from Lindsay.
7. Ordered the last of the bridesmaids gifts. Now I just have to create a couple of things to go along with the store-bought goodies.
8. Ordered some fun stuff for the reception.
9. Ordered a very pretty headband. Now - to figure out how I want to do my hair. The white headband I ordered back here isn't cutting it for me.
10. Finalized the order of the ceremony and reception. Really, I think we have pretty much the whole "day of" schedule figured out.
11. Talked with Mary Helen about songs that we can use for the ceremony. I'm lost on this. I haven't been to enough Catholic weddings recently to know what is possible and what people use, so it was good to get some input.
12. We looked at wedding rings. Holy cow, those things are expensive. There are a couple of places/things that we're thinking about. But we haven't made any decisions.
13. Had our engagement pictures taken. I'm in love with them.

It was a busy month! I am getting so ridiculously excited.

photos from our engagement session by ryan gladstone

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