06 May 2010

Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!

Okay, so I don't know what I was talking about last week, when I said that I would have plenty of posts THIS week.

Because it's Thursday and clearly, I haven't written anything this week.

I had exam #1 this morning, and I have exam #2 tomorrow.

And I've been stockpiling fun things to write about for quite some time now, so I promise there will be goodies soon!

Here's a picture from Rend Lake last summer (which was, yes, in July, but I just put the pictures on my computer recently from Mary Helen). From left to right: Steve, Mary, Maci (Christy's daughter), me, Pete, and Christy (Pete and Steve's older sister).

I am so so so so so so excited for summer to start! It's going to be a good one :)

1 comment:

mh said...

I really like this picture. :)

Glad for you that exams are about over! Summer will be not good, but fantastic!