30 December 2010

2011 Here I Come!

Yesterday I talked about the resolutions I completed, and...didn't complete...in 2010.

Here is my list for 2011. The following are things from 2010 that I would like to complete!

12. Rent bikes somewhere and ride them around
14. Paint the apartment
18. Lose 30 pounds
20. Finish writing one of the four novels I have started right now
21. Stay up to date on my magazine cataloging
24. Have a tea party. Complete with ridiculous hats (Thanks, Emma! It's happening in 2011!)
26. Update the logistics of the blog
27. Join a book club
29. Spend a weekend in a B & B somewhere pretty
33. Have an Arrested Development party
35. Learn how to drive stick-shift
36. Learn how to use the darkroom in my house
37. Take a class for fun (yay Emma, thanks for reminding me!)
38. Try tennis again once it gets warmer outside
40. Get out of credit card debt.
41. Go skinny dipping
42. Read Metamorpheses
43. Ride an exotic animal
47. Make gnocchi from scratch
49. Create a craft night get together once a month
51. Open an Etsy shop
52. Take a glass-blowing or letterpress class
53. Get all the "good art" in the apartment framed
54. Have a boudoir shoot
57. Start commenting more on all the blogs I read
58. Buy flowers for my parents on my birthday
61. ...go skydiving...?
62. Read all the Babysitters Club Little Sister books in one day. Eat little kid food and take breaks to call childhood friends
63. Write fan letters to 12 people - one per month.
64. Go to a blues or jazz bar in Chicago
65. See Chuck Berry in concert
66. Suck it up and go on a rollercoaster
67. Take a candle-lit bath
68. Sew something for real and wear it
69. Learn how to play chess
70. Learn calligraphy
71. Embroider another pillow/blanket/something
74. Help build a Habitat for Humanity house
75. Give to NPR
78. Create a clothesline when it's warmer out and dry clothes on them
79. Volunteer on an organic farm
80. Participate in NaNoWriMo in November 2011
82. Watch the rest of the movies from AFI's 100 Greatest Films
83. Grow a bonsai tree
84. Revisit SARK and actually take her advice
85. Start and display a collection of something
87. Stay up all night long and watch the sun rise. Preferably somewhere pretty
88. Have a bed day - read, doze, watch stuff on the computer, doze...eat minimally
90. Graffiti something, somewhere
92. Get a bikini wax
93. Make cheesy/hilarious Christmas cards
96. Have something to brag to Swatek about
98. Finish an entire coloring book
101. Get a passport
102. Go paintballing - with very nice people that won't hurt me too much.

Now, here is my addendum for 2011:

+ Work my way through Martha Stewart's Homekeeping Handbook. (I received it for Christmas and was WAY excited about it.) I want to read the whole thing (clocking in at 719 pages) and take as much advice as I can.

+ Bake every recipe from Artisan Breads (I bought this book as a Christmas gift for myself. My first project is proofing currently).

+ Start saving more money.

+ Organize my craft room and start making more things.

+ Floss everyday.

+ Use my free time more constructively.

What are your resolutions for 2011? Tell me tell me tell me!

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mh said...

You could have a tea party (#24) at Gran's house with the little girls! They'd love to share it with you.