12 December 2010

Sunday Roundup

Hola, everyone! We're only 13 days away from Christmas. Can you believe it?! I love Christmas so much. Pete and I started wrapping gifts this weekend - our theme for this year is brown paper packages tied up with string! But with red and white bakers twine, specifically. I love how they look. We also nabbed some gift tags from a small letterpress studio down on Cherokee Street. They look pretty rocking, if I do say so myself.

How is your holiday shopping going? I'm hoping to share some gift guides and ideas for people this upcoming week. And after Christmas, I'll share what I got for everyone in our family. We stayed pretty close to the resolution I set for myself to only buy handmade! But then I amended it and allowed myself to buy things in a store, but only in local stores. So that was good. However, we did do some shopping at Target and Hobby Lobby for picture frames and craft projects...so, it was close.

Here are some wonderful links to kickstart your Sunday!

Is it warm yet? I like this suit.

Coldplay is one of my faves and their newest song/music video is stupendous.

I think orange is the new white.

20 untranslatable words. I love wabi-sabi and hyggelig.

Remember Paris vs NYC? Well, prints are being sold and I want ALL OF THEM.

A flickr stream devoted to all things Anthropologie.

So dreamy and magical.

Embroidered slides are something I would never ever have the patience for.

When I open a storefront for my yet-to-be-created Etsy wares, it will be decorated like this Spanish place.

Have you been following Melanie's easy DIYs? I love this chandelier and these sparkly ornaments.

Scout's Christmas present from us will be a scratching post of some kind. (However, it's hard to justify $40 on one...)

The last few days I've wanted to move out of the country. If it's ever REALLY a possibility, I would want to be a house caretaker on the side.

Vodka pie crust. I'm curious.

When we have kids, I want to recreate this Advent calendar.

Have a great week, everyone! My first big project at work will be finished (fingers crossed) by Tuesday, and it's gone very well so far. I hope I have a few moments to wind down and process it at work this week...

P.S. We got a Christmas tree, and Scout has been super curious about it. This morning I was baking cupcakes and he wandered into the kitchen with a head full of tree sap. We had to give him a bit of a haircut, because the sap wouldn't come out with baby shampoo and water, and now he has a bald spot on the top of his head. It makes me giggle and feel bad every time I look at him.

[image from here]


Bridgett said...

I LOVE untranslatable words. LOVE THEM. Oskamina and schadenfreude are my faves (of my own list, I didn't check out the link yet)

Karen said...

Ahhh! There's a lot of great stuff on this list! My favorite untranslateable phrase is l'espirit de l'escalier - it translates literally to 'staircase wit' and describes the feeling when you walk away from a conversation and think of all the things you should have said 10 minutes later.

Can't wait to pour over that Anthro Flickr stream! Expect major Tumblr spam ;)