04 January 2011

Another Resolution

I know, this blog is all about what I did in 2010 and what I'm planning to do in 2011. Sorry! Maybe I'm almost done, maybe not.

Regardless, I thought of another resolution today. Well, actually, I thought of it a few days ago but remembered to write about it NOW.

Use all of the gifts that we received from showers and the wedding.

People are SO GENEROUS. And while Pete and I cook every night, we still haven't used everything we received .

Here's what we have to use. Sooner than later!

Giant Wooden Salad Bowl
Cocktail Shaker
Meat Tenderizer (we've used it, but not for tenderizing meat...)
Crock Pot (we used it to try to make fondue. It was sad.)
Deep Fryer
Honey Dipper
Fruit Basket (I've used it. Since we got back from our honeymoon it's held mementos. But I want to use it for FRUIT.)
Gravy Boat
Footed Cake Platter
Bar Tools Set
Fondue Set
Dutch Oven
Garlic Peel/Press thing (it's a tube. it's weird.)
Citrus Squeezer
Nine-Person Tent!

And my Target registry got deleted so I can't actually look at it, which is what I did for Macy's and Crate & Barrel.

I'm excited! Seeing all of those things together in a list makes me want to plan meals for, like, the next seven weeks.

Does anyone have any recipe ideas for the cooking things listed above? I've been meaning to make a nice hearty stew these days, since it's so cold, in our Dutch oven. I'd love to hear suggestions!

[image: the day after our honeymoon, we tore into our presents and this was the aftermath.]


Bridgett said...

Does your dutch oven have feet or is it basically a big giant pot?

Crock pots are best for simmering all day--like stew. I brown deer meat (or beef) and put it at the bottom of the crockpot when it's mostly browned. I also sweat some onions before tossing them in, but all other veggies just go in the crockpot--carrots, turnips, beets, celery, whatever. Water but not too much. Spices, salt, pepper, whatever seems right. Leftover wine or a bit of salsa or whatever. I have one process on my blog...I'm not much of a write-it-down cook (which is what I'm such a terrible baker, but I can turn out a meal).

Karen said...

Well I nominate that you try the cocktail shaker first.

This is my fave slow cooker recipe: take the ingredients in this sauce (I use real garlic and onion, & smoked paprika) & dump them into the pot with 4 chicken breasts (can make more if bigger group). Cook for 2-3 hours on high, then shred with 2 forks (if doesn't easily shred, it's not done) before serving. AMAZING. I also like breakfast foods in there. E-mail me if you want those recipes.

For the Dutch oven - which I'm assuming you mean Le Crueset or similar - there's nothing better than coq au vin. Julia Child & Barefoot Contessa both have great recipes!