09 January 2011

Sunday Roundup

How was everyone's week?

This weekend, Pete and I did a whole lot of nothing. We saw The Fighter on Saturday with Steve and Mary, ran to Local Harvest for some last minute groceries, and stayed in and watched the new Futurama. It was a good weekend.

Here are some great posts from around the web this week!

Just the push I need for creative projects.

Gorgeous credenza.

I will someday learn how to use my sewing machine, and then make this.

I want to have an UP themed birthday party for my 23rd birthday...

How many Weight Watchers points do you think a slice of this deliciousness is?

Pretty yellow coat.

Great cheap date ideas.

This wreath is darling.

Loving these pant shorts.

How to host a craft party.

I'm pretty much obsessed with Ashley Meaders.

Wes Anderson round up!

I'm jealous of all the lovely, wonderful bloggers who are going to Alt. Life goal = go in 2012.

Have a wonderful week, everyone!

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1 comment:

mh said...

Wow on that dessert! I doubt if Weight Watchers could count that many points! ;)