20 January 2011

Early/Late Sunday Roundup

I feel so embarrassed that I didn't get around to posting a Sunday Roundup last week! Pete and I started watching LOST, which has been addicting. Absolutely addicting. I am obsessed. I think Hurley, Locke, and Charlie are my favorite characters. But I am also falling in love with Sawyer, and Claire is awesome.

Anyway - we started watching it this past Sunday, and just finished the first season this morning. Aaaand we just started the second season about 10 minutes ago, because we have a SNOW DAY!

Have you watched LOST? What did you think about it? Any favorite characters?

Anyway - here are some great links from the past week and a half.

Currently chilling in the refrigerator - can't wait to taste them!

Pantone cookies. Perfect for the color fiend in your life.

An article about home chefs that got me thinking about new ventures.

How to define your personal style.

When to throw your make-up away. I need to do a LOT of throwing away, apparently...

I would like a whole fleet of these pitchers (seen on sfgirlbybay)

A good egg.

These dainty necklaces are gorgeous.

I wish that I had found this project before our honeymoon started...

I would also like a flock of these seagulls.

A bowl of 1907 French Onion Soup. Perfect for a chilly winter's evening.

Preferable over a dryer.

This is a brilliant idea.

So excited to learn that there's a Baked in Charleston, SC!

Illuminated bloggers.

This shall be very useful when I restart my garden this spring.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

[image from greige design]


sonrie said...

I, too, stayed home today and am baking cookies...a oatmeal chocolate chip cookie...and catching up on reading.

Karen said...

Lost is my fave! It was bittersweet last year when it ended. My friends and I would all watch it and call or text each other during the commercials. My brother even had a party for the Finale!

Jack was my favorite. Forgive the writers for Season 3 - trust me, it's worth it!

Sweeney Tink said...

You know I love it! Repeat your favorite characters and those are mine! Locke, Charlie, and Hurley are definitely awesome....Just wait until you meet Desmond, you will LOVE him. And if you're starting to fall in love with Sawyer, believe me, you've past the point of no return. Sawyer remains to be one of the greatest characters I've ever seen. Oh, and Claire is most definitely the coolest female character. (Funny bit about the peanut butter moment between her and Charlie...Emilie de Ravin is actually allergic to peanut butter so they almost had to have it be an imaginary jar...Worked out well, SO much cuter that way. That's the moment I fell oh so deeply in love with Charlie.)

You have to keep me updated as you go through the seasons! When you start to have theories and ideas and all that sort of stuff, I want to know!!!! :-)

And hooray for snow days! (Except I still had to work, booo)

Amanda said...

lost is so so awesome! i have totally done that where i have watched entire seasons in a couple days. my latest ones? how i met your mother and parks and recreation. i just can't help it--good shows are so addicting!

happy weekend!

Melody said...

Thanks for the shout out!

And definitely Charlie and Hurley are awesome! You're gonna love the series!