05 October 2007

100 Things You Didn't Know About Me

I hate it when people capitalize every word in a title. I just felt like it I guess.

001. I can spend hours on the internet, looking at cutesy crafty blogs/sites/etc.
002. I love waking up late and stretching for an hour, then finally getting out of bed after reading for a bit.
003. Laughing is one of my favorite activities.
004. I have an amazing family.
005. I acquire new music at a rapid rate and then don't listen to it for long periods of time.
006. I am a college kid who rarely drinks alcohol. This is, unfortunately, a rarity.
007. The smell of newspaper makes me happy.
008. I incredibly dislike cabbage and touching toes.
009. I also incredibly dislike waking up hungry.
010. I have started baking and cooking for real, and I must say, I'm really loving it.
011. My boyfriend is stupendously wonderful. No one makes me happier.
012. Writing soothes me.
013. I love giving gifts, especially if it is a gift of something that has taken me a long time to make.
014. I feel as though IKEA is one of God's greatest gifts to man.
015. I really enjoy doing things that most other people find odd.
016. Filling out online surveys make me happy.
017. I have two great roommates this summer.
018. It has been taking me forever to read books lately.
019. The quickest way to my heart would involve chocolate somethings, great, meaningful conversations, and lots of laughter. A playground wouldn't hurt, either. Or a picnic! Or sandcastles!
020. I really enjoy sand castles.
021. I have an almost romantic love with the English language. Yes, it's crude, but it's really all I know.
022. I wanted to be a fighter pilot for a really long time and fly an F-18 jet.
023. I enjoy sunrises over sunsets.
024. I have lots of guilty pleasures, but generally, I like reading/watching/seeing rich girls' drama. It gives me closure or something. Examples of this are: Sex and the City, trashy tabloid magazines, and the Gossip Girls book series.
025. Even though I claim to hate rap, I really enjoy dancing around naked to it after showering.
026. The Boy Least Likely To pretty much perfectly sings how I feel about life right now.
027. So does I'm From Barcelona.
028. It took me a long time to learn how to nap...almost 19 years....but it's a wonderful thing.
029. I love catching fireflies. It's like having a little speck of magic cupped between my hands.
030. I love the word SPARKLE.
031. I wish there were better climbing trees around.
032. I wear my scars proudly.
033. My mom signed me up for ballet lessons so I would be less clumsy.
034. Summer thunderstorms are the best.
035. I love curling up in a cold bed during the winter...then heating up the sheets.
036. I am an over-packer learning how to under-pack.
037. I cry during movies...very often.
038. I miss being five.
039. But I love having freedom and my own responsibilities.
040. I feel very grossly powerful when I have all the masters to the dorms at SLU.
041. I am definitely a girl who drives with the windows down- even on the highway.
042. I am a firm believer in fate.
043. One of my favorite childhood memories is going apple-picking with my family.
044. I enjoy making new memories...especially with you.
045. I really hate state fairs. There's lots of hoosiers, smelly animals, and weird rides. I don't like rides.
046. I do love DisneyWorld, though.
047. I can't wait to have kids and drive a mini-van.
048. Wes Anderson is a genius. That's not even my opinion, it's fact.
049. My favorite drink is water. And GATORADE RAIN.
050. My first love was Lance Bass.
051. Hearing old songs from the past always brings back good feelings.
052. I love random conversations with strangers.
053. I have dreams of living in a small cottage when I'm old in Santa Fe, picking the homegrown lavender from my backyard, and listening to soothing music while I rest my weary bones.
054. I strive to make people happy.
055. Technology sometimes scares me, but it always gets me excited.
056. I usually don't understand people my age.
057. When I get tired, I NEED to sleep.
058. I am horrible at doing any kind of accents.
059. I prefer sleeping with: nightlights, soft music playing, and/or my boyfriend (the boy is my first choice)
060. I really love nature, even though I don't spend nearly enough time in it.
061. I firmly believe in the power of prayer.
062. I'm definitely a believer of Slumber Party Theology: compassion, giggles, friendliness, and lots of genuine love.
063. I hate that there are copyright laws on music. I know it's what makes the most sense, but for God's sake, there's freaking CD burners, blank CDs, etc all for sale...so yeah.
064. I can watch the introduction screens on DVDs for...well, a really long time.
065. I'm totally obsessed with fashion magazines.
066. I love cutesy baby animals. I spent like an hour watching videos on youtube.
067. I can watch the same episodes of Family Guy, Sex and the City, and Arrested Development over and over again.
068. I secretly sometimes imagine I'm a: pirate, sports player, fashionista, bank robber, spy, model, and artist.
069. Mix tapes are the shit. I wish they still existed.
070. I'm a huge fan of really girly chick flicks.
071. I like bug-eyed sunglasses.
072. I want to learn how to play the guitar, ukulele, drums, mandolin, harp, and saxophone.
073. The phrases "isn't she/he a bit of terrific?", "you're a peach!", and "are you on the level?" REALLY need to get back into regular rotation.
074. Jack Nicholson scares me, even though he's a great actor.
075. I wish that men still walked around wearing suits and top hats, and girls wearing fabulous evening gowns. It just seems so glamorous.
076. I'm really excited to have my own garden and plant pretty flowers.
077. I enjoy listening to people laugh, especially if they have odd laughs.
078. My favorite color is pink, my favorite flower is roses and daisies, and my favorite flavor of most everything is cherry.
079. I'm a stickler for tourist attractions.
080. I really dislike The Cosby Show, Golden Girls, and Home Improvement. If you ever stumble upon me watching it...I'm definitely not paying attention.

081. I can spend hours in museums and just wander and wonder.

082. I like recording as many things as I can on my camera by taking pictures. Someday I'm not going to remember these days, and I'll appreciate it, and so will everyone else that I know now that thinks it's creepy.

083. My mind loves to daydream, even when it knows it should be paying attention.

084. I like to think that someday I could remove myself from contemporary society, but I'm pretty sure that I would freak out without a cell phone or the internet. And that thought breaks my heart.

085. If I could have a truck filled with ANYTHING, it would be glitter. Ghettofabulous? Perhaps, but I still loooove it. (thanks, Mary M)

086. I know he cheated.

087. The one time of the day that I can really lose myself is when I'm drifting off to sleep. Sometimes, during the day, that's the thing that I look forward to the most.

088. Sometimes I think that I should have been born a boy. That is because I like dressing down more than dressing up, I enjoy things that Boy Scouts did more than Girl Scouts, and I get along better with guys now than I do with the ladies. Also, I think that girls are prettier to look at sometimes (want a list? I could give it to you).

089. I hate it when the computer does things that I don't want it to (like the fact that it's skipping lines when I press "enter" right now).

090. It was hard for me to talk about myself for 90 things.

091. I want to have a hoop skirt and wander around log cabins, but only for maybe an hour.

092. I want a garden like the person from Harriet the Spy (the movie), where there were glass bottles everywhere and stone gardens and boxes of ties and bubbles.

093. I am beginning to think that Martha Stewart is amazing (I like her IDEAS, not her SELF).

094. I would rather spend time at home on Fridays/Saturdays than going out- most of the time. Unless there's a sweet concert or festival, at least.

095. I have been looking for this specific type of soap for what has now been five years. I'm pretty sure I'll never find it again. Oh well.

096. I feel this immense connection to nature, but I don't let myself go into it often enough.

097. Sometimes I find myself in more of a dream world and thinking a lot about my future instead of living in the today.

098. I really like SARK. A lot.

099. I have a semicolon tattoo.

100. I fear for today's children- that they are more of a technology-centered crowd.

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