11 October 2007

October is breast cancer awareness month!!

I went to Schnucks the other day (for those of you NOT from Missouri, it's a grocery store) and practically the WHOLE STORE was decked out in pink. Also, there were lots of deals there. Pete and Frank bought 10 boxes of Hamburger Helper, for $10. I got some good deals as well- like vanilla extract for $3.64!! I guess it's pretty pathetic that I remember the price.

There are lots of other places that are offering discounts/certain deals, and then they are donating a TON of money to breast cancer research. It's so cool. I love seeing people pull together like this.

Some things to consider:
the clay pot - precious jewelery with sterling silver, 14K gold, and really pretty diamonds.
mark - customizable beauty and fashion. pretty cheap, too.
lily mcneal - pretty, soft clothes! beautifully made. quite expensive.
saks fifth avenue - you know it.
figments - wonderful hand-crafted goodies, like notebooks and plates
kickpleat - cute cute cute site! clothes, shoes, accessories
figleaves - oooh la la! lingerie, swimwear, etc
crane - lovely stationary
clinique - simple make-up solutions

Happy shopping!!

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