11 October 2007

Humane Society

This organization does such good work. My friends (VERY good friends of Pete's) Kyle and Emma are foster parents for lil puppies for two-three weeks. The puppies are about two months old (read: at the cutest), and they only have to pay for paper towels and air freshners!! The Society provides a cage, food, bones, collars, newspapers, and everything else needed. It's amazing. I love puppies, and I love dogs, but I really love cute little guys. It is a perfect idea for me, once I can have a dog. Just to get used to it in small doses.

Here's some pictures from when me, Pete, and Frank went to visit them tonight! It brightened my evening.

Pete with a lil baby puppy.

I really like this picture of Frank and Spencer.

Right after this picture was taken, I scooped him up into my arms!

I love this little fuzzy guy.

To find the Humane Society closest to you, check out their website.

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