07 November 2007

Fred Flare

fredflare has ALWAYS been amazing. I've just always been such a big fan, even since I saw an ad for it in ReadyMade. I've bought tons of stuff off there, like the book called A Merry Kitschmas, some Valentine's Day cookie cutters, shirts, old-school Valentines, and various Christmas gifts for friends (Snowman in a Box? Hello Kitty pencil sharpers/colored pencil carousel? They've got it). In all, this is a GREAT site to use for Secret Santa gifts...they're pretty cheap, cute, and all-around fun!

Check out some of the stuff that the site is carrying this winter:

A chocolate-cake towel?!?? How clever.

On another similar note, these are washcloths that have been wrapped up as cake rolls.

LOBSTER TONGS. So cool. I would love to serve up a summer pasta salad with these.

These are so pretty. Someday I hope that I can afford to outfit my whole closet with these...but it will probably never happen. Le sigh.

Look you can blow bubbles while doing the dishes! See, I don't mind doing dishes, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE blowing bubbles. So this would be a fun (and distracting) thing for me. Maybe better if I didn't have it, even...

I think these are so pretty. I would like to get them in a variety of pastel colors, and then plant different herbs, like parsley, rosemary, mint...you know. Then I could line them up on my over-sized kitchen windowsill. Wouldn't that be pretty. Yes.

These are maybe the cutest holiday cards ever. I want them. A lot.

In all, you should definitely check the site out. It's pretty much amazing.

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