08 November 2007

Learning to Love You More

Did you see Me and You and Everyone We Know? No? That's too bad. It was pretty darn good.

Miranda July, one of the main players in the aforementioned film, and one of the founders of the site Learning to Love You More, is amazing. When it first started, she (along with four other people, I think) put up "assignments" for any person to do- assignments like "take a picture of strangers holding hands" or "make an encouraging banner" or "read your favorite book from 5th grade". The stuff that has come back is SO amazing. Some teachers that have found this site have done the assignments with their entire class. It's the sweetest indie site EVER.

I guess the founders thought so, too. They put a book together called Learning to Love You More. I think I may buy it, even though all the same information is online. It's a great site. And it's really inspiring, too.

My favorite assignment was the making of the encouraging banners. These are the ones that I found most, well, encouraging.

I have a life goal (seriously, it's on my list) to make a bunch of little banners, maybe out of post-it notes, and hang them up on the shelves and workspaces at the library. I want to make people's lives better.

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