12 November 2007

Weekend recap.

I LOVE rainy days like this. They're great. It makes me want to crawl back under the covers and read, though. I somehow got my sorry butt out of bed and went to class...yay?

For all you reader-types out there, READ READ READ The Time Traveler's Wife. It. Is. Amazing.

I was blown away. It is such a beautiful, eloquent read...and it made me feel really, really grateful for my life. It was great. You should really go get it from the library, or buy it at a used bookstore. It's just awesome.

What else did I do this weekend? I made wishlists on Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie. It was...awesome. I'm going to email them to my mom, and hope that Santa decides to be (especially for Anthro.) REALLY generous this year...

My floor went out to dinner on Saturday evening. We got ALL gussied up, and then we went to Blueberry Hill, and afterwards went to get cupcakes at The Cupcakery. It was a delightful evening. We got some photobooth pictures taken, which I would put up but I haven't scanned them yet. All my gals looked gorgeous.

Lastly, I went to see the Mountain Goats, kind of, at the Billiken Club. I couldn't really SEE them, though...that's the problem.

But TONIGHT, TONIGHT...oh, tonight.

Tonight is Regina Spektor. I've been waiting for this for over a year.


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V said...

just stumbled across your blog - i know this is a real old comment.. but I LOVE THE TIME TRAVELERS WIFE. it is the most beautiful book i have ever read. i think i weeped all over the pages though!