07 November 2007


I feel like I don't have much to say for myself. I've been super busy, but...it seems as though it's all producing nothing.

I'm going to make another list. WITH PICTURES!

1. I aced (I hope) my human growth & development test- I'll get it back tomorrow. I studied really hard for it, and I really feel as though I did well.

2. I just got back from seeing Wristcutters: A Love Story. It was AMAZING. It takes a super-taboo topic and turns it into something...well, almost humorous (in my opinion). I've been waiting to see this film since February or March-ish...and the wait was TOTALLY worth it. Check out the trailer here. It's leaving the Lou on Thursday, and I feel like we were one of the last cities to get it (what else is new?)

3. Me, Pete, Steve, and Mary went to Cairo this past weekend. I played with Pete and Steve's nieces, Maci and Delaney, a LOT. We colored, watched cute little kid TV (like Charlie and Lola), played with Chip (the doggie), and ate delicious food made by Mary Helen. It was really fun. Nice to get away from SLU for a little bit.

Oh my God. I am so pathetic. I've been so into browsing ebay/other things online...one of my new favorite things that I've found is the Pretty Organized flickr pool- it's amazing. I love looking at pretty arrangements of things, and this pool is awesome for inspiration.
Here's some pretty pictures.

I cannot wait to have a bigger bookshelf than the one that I currently own at school. It's really small, and it fits nowhere NEAR the amount of books that I own. Anyway, when I get space for all the books I own, I am TOTALLY doing this. Super excited.

This is so cute, and so exciting. I want to do this, too. Right now the combination of the above materials are in a plastic blue cup on my desk. Sweet, sophisticated upgrade? I think yes.

When I have a workspace like this...I'll know that I've made it.

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