03 June 2008

Double Dating

This is a short conversation I heard between two of Pete's adorable nieces, Sophia and Maci:

Maci: Sophie, we're double-dating!
Soph: Double-dating? What's that?
Maci: It means that we are swinging at the same time, in the same path! See?


I've been living like a kid the past few days - blowing bubbles, playing with sidewalk chalk, kissing boo-boos, eating cut-up hotdogs with ketchup, watching Max & Ruby and Rugrats, and coloring. It's been a blast.


Bridgett said...

Very, very cute.

Are you going to Rend Lake this year?

Also, I'll have to post my Cairo abandon pictures on SCM sometime soon. Some very similar ones to yours.

Kaylen said...

Yes I AM going to Rend Lake! It'll be a good time...

I would love to see your abandon Cairo pictures someday. It's sad, but interesting. I like your photography so I am excited to see them!