24 June 2008

Video Gaming

I don't really play video games. I never had them growing up (as my mom says, "we had two girls! Why would they want video games?!")

Anyway, Pete has been on a video game kick lately, and so I tried playing this one game called BUST A MOVE and it's Japanese and there's an obnoxious talking dinosaur that goes "YAY! RAWR!" constantly and then there's high-pitched Japanese girls making high-pitched sounds that I don't know what it means...oh well.

Pete showed me this comic, from Kate Beaton. We've been reading her comics a lot lately, because they're nerdy and about history and then other random things. So I'm sitting in front of the TV, cursing the tiny red ball that didn't line up with the other tiny red balls, and Pete pauses the game and shows me this:

Yup. Pretty much how I feel about video gaming in general.

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