30 July 2008

Adventures with cupcakes

My new thing when exploring a city is to check out it's bakeries...mostly those bakeries that specialize in cupcakes.

I was lucky enough to visit THREE cupcake/cake places in Chicago.

Molly's Cupcakes

It was here that there were swings at the bar, Kathleen got a vanilla cupcake, Pete got a red velvet cupcake, and I got a S'Mores cupcake - chocolate cupcake, marshmallow topping, graham cracker crumbs, and two little mini-bars of Hershey's Chocolate. Then we played a game of Jenga.

If you can't tell, it was a pretty intense game.

Milk & Honey Bakeshop
This lovely place had an old location in Wicker Park, which his where I first purchased a cupcake in a bakery/restaurant/wherever. Prior to then, cupcakes were made at home or bought at Schnucks, or something.

They have since relocated, but the cupcakes are still DIVINE.

Lastly, we hit up Sweet Occasions and More, which is located in Andersonville. Andersonville is a really fantastic area in uptown (?) Chicago with tons of craft stores, restaurants, coffee houses, and all kinds of other fun places to explore.

So we wander in after getting dinner somewhere else, and they gave us the BIGGEST FREAKING SLICES OF CAKE EVER. They were delicious. I didn't really get too many great pictures, but what would normally be approximately 1/4 of a cake was an entire slice. I couldn't finish mine all at once.

Red Velvet. Dee-lish.

Also, on another note, after this yummy cake, Kathleen took me and Pete to go see the Neo-Futurists. This small "improv" group performs 30 plays in quick succession over the course of an hour (60 minutes). It was really, really amazing. I've never seen anything like it.

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