08 July 2008

Summer is awesome.

This summer sort of started off rocky, and even still is - a sick grandpa, Pete being gone for awhile, mix-ups with jobs/starting new ones, and of course, the hotness of St. Louis in general.

But the last few days have REALLY felt like summer - spending time outside when it's muggy and hot, but just a little bit more bearable; going to movies and kicking my feet up on the seat in front of me; hanging out with friends and watching Freaks and Geeks; painting, drawing, coloring; smelling the sprinklers in my yard; talking Louie for long walks; and of course, one of my favorite summer pastimes: painting nails with little girls.

Some of my favorite summer pictures, so far:

I LA LA LOVE summer. Me and Pete are going to Chicago on Monday, and staying there until the following Sunday, when my grandma has her 80th birthday party with the whole family. I get to meet my new baby cousin, Eliana, from Guatemala. I'm really excited. If any of you lovely people have any good suggestions for the greater Chicago area, let me know!

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Laura said...

funny you should ask where i am...
actually taking the week off from camp to recovered a nasty sun-poisoning infection on my lip.
: (
but next week is the last week of camp so i will be posting regularly again very soon!
& now we can really start making official plans for our party!
hope all is well with you!