01 July 2008

How Relaxing

I love outdoor showers, or things that closely resemble it. I'm not an exhibitionist, by any means, but I still recall my favorite shower of all time.

We were in Santa Monica a couple of summers ago, and I woke up around 8:30 AM. I was still jet-lagged and generally confused- finally in CA! I had always wanted to come and see what all those songs and poems and books were talking about!

I wandered around our hotel room. Mom and Dad had gone to get donuts and Emme was still fast asleep. I decided to take a shower...

The ocean had fog rising off of it, and I pushed the window open that was in the bathtub. The cool air rushed in, and the hot water pounded my back...heavenly.

It got awkward when I realized the window also looked out onto our shared balcony. There were two Pakistani men chatting and drinking coffee. The shower quickly ended after that.

But this...this looks nice.

Thank you Shannon Fricke!

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