13 October 2008

I had a dream last night

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that I was getting married (funny, everyone around me is!). But like, as in, me and this random guy (not Pete) decided to get hitched. I remember being a church basement. I remember wearing a grey dress with yellow ribbon (I DO love that color combination...hmmm?), and a weird priest I had never seen before giving me and mystery boy a long introduction. Then, after the ceremony (with attendants that were SOLELY old bald men), we went to a country club for the reception. And none of my college friends were there. And none of my family, either. It was all high school girls. No dates. Just girls. Maybe Pete talks too much about Rosati (just kidding, darling!) And the music was HORRIBLE. HORRID. Like, Panic at the Disco! and Electric Slide horrible.

So basically it was my worst nightmare. Literally. Because then, within my dream, I woke up from the weird wedding - it had been a dream! And I was in my room in Marchetti, with Sarah (real roommate), and I proceeded to tell her, "Sarah I had a HORRIBLE dream about getting married..." yada yada yada.

It was a trippy one. I've had dreams within dreams before. Apparently they're rare (I used to be all into decoding my dreams and I had a dream dictionary).

Aaand that's all I've got.

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Laura said...

straaange. i'd like to know what those bald men are all about!