20 October 2008

Polaroid Camera

I think I just fail at taking polaroid pictures. And that's okay. It's something I am still feeling out. The thing is, there is no zoom. No zoom and no automatic focusing (or even manual focus). You just have to take the picture. And when the flash goes off...it looks HORRIBLE. Gross. And I hate flash as it is. It makes photographs look so completely unnatural. But that's just my style.

I HAVE found that polas work best in natural lighting. After a brief flickr search, I've found that what I ultimately want to achieve with my polaroid camera is something along these lines:

via here

It's soft and pretty and colorful. And natural.

Anyone have good tips on how to achieve such pretties?

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Laura said...

i don't have any good tips (i'm still learning myself!)...but don't worry! you'll feel it out soon enough since you already know what you like & don't like.

...& isn't it fun to play anyway?! i love the suspense of "will it turn out or won't it?"