14 October 2008

Poor Lou-Bear!

So my parents were taking Louie for a walk on Sunday evening, and the three of them were attacked by two dogs that seemed to come out of nowhere. A woman was standing on her porch and kept calling the two dogs back, but neither she or the dogs budged. After about five minutes of attackage, my dad finally got the dogs off of Louie. My poor little puppy! He has bite marks all over his neck and a HUGE wound on his side (okay, it's the size of a quarter but that's big to me).

Apparently the man that owns these two crazy dogs has some crazy issues. My parents are friends with a woman who lives a couple houses down, and she informed my mom that the man is a drunk mean guy. He used to own a reptile shop that was shut down because of animal mistreatment. Our neighbor suspects that all the snakes and lizards and frogs that were previously in the shop are now in his house, along with multiple dogs and cats and other animals. She said that the backyard has high fences all around and the gate is nailed. There is trash and poop and overgrown weeds all over. And apparently the guy is NOT nice at all. Very unfriendly and rude. And Sue, our neighbor, said that she's heard the house is full of feces. Siiiick.

So mom went down to city hall and now THREE different city officials are going to be at this icky man's house in the next week - forestation, animal control, and environmental. Pretty insane.

Why are people so horrible?


laura bee said...

That is soooo horrifying. I am very sad that this happened. Stay safe! I am very proud of your fam for reporting it though. TAKE THAT MR. MEAN CRAZY PANTS!!!

Kat said...

OH NO! Get those dogs out of that man's house and hug and pet little Lou for me! I love Louie and I haven't even met him yet! Louie + Lola!