13 October 2008


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I've been in a funk lately. Not feeling very inspired, not feeling very uppity...generally not feeling very happy notiony at all. That could be because of midterms, and the EIGHT projects I had/have due over the period of the last two weeks. The fact that Kathleen is gone makes things hard. We had weekly vent sessions about EVERYTHING, and since she's in Italy, we've only talked once on the phone.

Also, I started weight training today. My whole body is SCREAMING with every step I take. "WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME?" it yells. "Walking up the stairs and becoming out of breath is TOTALLY fine!" it continues. And you know how when babies are upset or uncomfortable, or hungry or whiny, they just cry? That's how my day has been.

Even Clone High isn't really helping. I think sleep will, though. So I'm off.

Also, I would NOT suggest searching "sad" on flickr, because that definitely didn't help. Although it did lead me to that cute cookie up there.

Oh, and I've had "Everybody Hurts" in my head all day too, courtesy of The Office. Fan-freaking-tastic.


Laura said...

Oh deary, I'm so sorry you're feeling down.
Coincidentally, so am I.
I wish we were closer so we could get together & have a giant vent session.
What are your plans for this coming weekend?

sonrie said...

it will get better...it always does. chocolate usually helps.

laura bee said...

I'm very sorry you've been down lately. I feel like that sentiment has been going around lately, I've been feeling the same way. My way of dealing with it was not doing homework and just watching The Wire. (I would not suggest this method because it leads to major freaking out. haha.)

Kat said...

aw baby, i'm sorry! i love you much and i will be home in SIX weeks! then it'll be back to the weekly/daily/hourly chats! you know how much i love you! i'll call you soon. =)

Joanna Goddard said...

you poor doll! hope you're feeling better now. everyone i know (including myself) was in a funk earlier this month.

Joanna Goddard said...

ps. haha, i know it's annoying when people hawk their own blogs, but i thought you might like this post to cheer you up:) http://www.glamour.com/sex-love-life/blogs/smitten/2008/10/smitten-challenge-what-are-you.html