24 January 2009

Hunter Boots

So. I really want them. And I decided this year that I am going to start working out, start losing some weight, etc. Just generally eat healthier and get into shape. So, behind every good resolution and promise is a bribing tool, right? In my case, I created one for every month:

January - Hunter Wellies
February - printouts of all my pictures from snapfish
March - this beautiful poster
April - Birkenstock clogs
May - Northface Jacket
June - Chicago poster
July - this cupcake bowl and this perfume
August - lovely organic woven blanket
September - for like EVER poster
October - floor lamp
November - something from Three Potato Four, under $50
December - nothing. Spend money on Christmas presents!

Now, Hunter Wellies usually go for about $115, I think. But when Rosemary and I were out and about the other day, there was a boutique in the CWE that had a 50% off all boots in store...and HUNTER BOOTS ARE THERE.

So here's my conundrum: No, I have not lost weight. I have not even started working out. HOWEVER, I have been eating pretty healthy. Sweets from time to time, yes, but I am watching what I put into my mouth. If I have a piece of cake tonight, I will not be eating a Rice Krispy treat for breakfast in the morning...you know, that kind of thing.

So should I get the boots? I mean, I couldn't even get boots for $57 on eBay, or a discount shoe place, so I might as well, right? Maybe I will get them and cut out my "reward" for February? ARGH I DON'T KNOW HELP ME INTERNET!


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