05 January 2009

Secret Life of an American Teenager

For some reason my sister is OBSESSED with this show. For multiple reasons, I think.

1. The "high-school aged" boys are "hot"
2. It's about a teenager getting pregnant
3. It's about teenagers getting into petty little fights and arguments.
4. Little sister is always afraid of getting pregnant (I kid you not. But that's a story for another time, and probably not really Internet appropriate.)

So when she's home she tapes all the episodes on our DVR and watches them in succession. She is doing that right now, and since I'm sitting in the same room, I've been watching them with her.

They are weird. The whole premise of the show is that a girl gets pregnant, with some band member's (marching band, not rock band) baby. And this girl (ugh, I already know names...) is named Amy. She has a snarky little 13-year-old sister, and parents that are separated. Oh, and her mom is played by MOLLY RINGWALD. I actually think that part is awesome, but whatever.

As stated previously, this show is pretty much chock full of teenage drama - girls fighting over boys, boys getting defensive, girls arguing about what is wrong with them and why another girl is "prettier"...UGH. GAG ME WITH A SPOON.

Watching this show makes me so thankful that I went to a Catholic school. I know for a fact that NO ONE IN MY GRADUATING CLASS was like this. Because I was pretty much friends with everyone. And I know that not necessarily every public school is like the school in this show, but just the fact that the stereotype is being perpetuated angers me. Seriously. Come on. I'm pretty sure that a girl wouldn't break into the school late at night (we're talking midnight), with her ex-boyfriend (he cheated on her), to look for her birth certificate (she's adopted), only to find the school counselor there. And I'm pretty sure that the 15-year-old girl would not be able to seduce him.

I mean, believe me, I am quite aware that "relationships" happen between teachers and students. But come on. This is just ridiculous.

Anyways. The whole reason I wrote this post...

Molly Ringwald circa 1984, in Sixteen Candles

Molly Ringwald circa now

And finally, if you haven't seen the beautiful "Brat Pack" movies: Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink, the Breakfast Club, Weird Science, etc...I strongly suggest you go out and BUY THEM. I just love me some good 80s films.

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laura bee said...

My sister is lovin this show too and it concerns/confuses me to no end as well. The acting killllllsssss me and the writing is not much better. This is not a good representation of public schools or high schools in general, not to mention the creepy righty wingy-ness of it all.

ugg. The messages it is sending aside, it is just bad television. I'm glad to know others out there who share my pain.