09 January 2009


As a future teacher, this makes me sad. I teared up while reading it.

I will NEVER understand why people don't give teachers more credit. If it wasn't for teachers, those big businessmen and engineers and other "important" people would not have a career. Teachers had to teach them!

Argh. This gets me so worked up.

I don't get upset when engineers get paid a ton of money! This is the part that made the most angry:

"I thought about this the other day when I ran across an online rant about teachers seeking more money in some school district somewhere. "FACT," this ranter wrote. "LAZY TEACHERS JUST WANT A THREE DAY WEEKEND! Just say NO to them, they are already OVERPAID and UNDERWORKED, and the public needs to remind them who they work for ..."

Unfortunately, this fellow is not alone. A few years ago, when I wrote a column suggesting that teachers were underpaid, I got a flood of responses from readers. Some agreed with me, but they were mostly teachers. Others -- perhaps half -- not only disagreed but expressed quite a surprising hostility toward teachers. In essence, they said teachers had some nerve expecting to be paid like engineers when their work was more like filing and babysitting."

Ugh. Anyways. That's that.

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Sarah Von said...

Oh dude, as a fellow teacher I totally, totally hear you. In what other industry are MAs the norm, along with 10 hour work days and a workplace that often includes metal detectors?

I do love my job though. So that's something :)