05 January 2009

New Years Resolutions

I always make them. They rarely stick. But 2009 is my year, I hope!

1. Answer the phone when people call
2. Make healthy eating choices (more on that later)
3. Spend more time with friends
4. Cut back on unnecessary spending
5. Make shopping and meal lists and stick with them
6. Spend a couple hours a week writing, instead of mindlessly surfing the Internet
7. Wash face, brush teeth, and floss EVERY DAY (by the end of the day I just get lazy)
8. Promote a well-kept internet persona (geek)
9. Spend quality time with Pete (we spend lots of time TOGETHER, but not doing things together)
10. Stop buying and start using the library and resources that I already have access to (this goes towards unread books I have, at least 10, and supplies for art projects)

So there you have it. So far I've done pretty good. I've made grocery/meal lists, gone shopping, etc. I've flossed a couple of times (I really, really hate flossing). I picked up my old notebooks and re-read the novel I started writing sophomore year of high school, which I think really has potential. I've already filled two notebooks with story, plot, etc...so I'm really excited to dive back in. And I've spent a couple of hours organizing my studio in the basement while I've been at home. I recycled a ton of old magazines, threw away crusty paint, condensed drawers and baskets, etc.

So, 2009 is so far so good.

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