09 April 2010

30 Day Song Challenge - Day 22

a song you listen to when you're sad

Oh, this is a GOLDEN story.

So, does anyone remember when Gavin DeGraw hit the scene? I think it was in 2004. He played a huge Toys for Tots concert here in St. Louis the year his first album came out, with Hootie & the Blowfish and Barenaked Ladies and some other people that I don't remember.

My friend Sam's parents bought tickets for the concert for us and two other friends - they are so awesome - and so it was the first big concert that we went to, by ourselves. We got quite a few lectures from all of our parents - "don't set your drink down!" "don't let your purse out of sight!" blah blah blah.

Gavin DeGraw was one of the first acts to play - he was one of the least well-known - and after his set, he was wandering around the Pageant. My friend Katherine and I ran into him.

He was DRUNK. So, so drunk. He was hitting on us. We were 15. I wasn't cute; I was super gawky and awkward. Because I was 15. Katherine, on the other hand - has ALWAYS been one of those pulled-together, super adorable, blonde hair/blue eyes type of girls. I think I was just along for the ride.

"Hey, you guys should TOTALLY come to New York with me and the band!" Gavin DeGraw exclaimed. He could hardly stand up straight - he was swaying all over the place.

"Well, I don't have a driver's license," I said. (See? What a geek.)

"Oh it doesn't matter, you should totally come up on our bus! There's so much room!" he continued.

Those are the pieces of conversation I remember.

Gavin DeGraw got much more famous in a small amount of time and he came back through St. Louis a lot. Katherine made a point to go see him anytime he was in town. I did once. Kind of.

Emme (my younger sister) had heard the whole story about Gavin DeGraw and wanted to see him in concert. Plus, she just liked his music. So, when we heard that he was making a stop in St. Louis at Mississippi Nights, we bought tickets.

I won't lie. I don't remember exactly what happened. But we got to the show, Emme was really excited, I was excited, we watched the opener, and I was like, "okay, time to go!" I HONESTLY don't remember why.

But we left, and Emme had no choice since I was driving. We got home and our parents were PISSED. "Kaylen, I'm so disappointed in you," my dad said. "I can't believe you went all the way there and then left," mom said.

I was angry and embarassed. So I went up to my room, locked the door, turned off the lights, and turned on Rooney - "Losing All Control".

I'm losing you
I'm losing all control
Just let me be
Let me be alone for now
I want to be alone tonight

So emo.

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