20 April 2010

Engagement Pictures, Round II

Okay ya'll. I have some more to show you. I'm pretty excited about them.

These are the photos that Ryan posted on his facebook business page (you should check it out and become a fan, because he's awesome), and I assume a blog post will be coming up soon. When it does, I'll link it here!

To begin, though - Pete and I had SUCH a blast doing this engagement shoot. It was so much fun, even though I was super awkward at the beginning (I mean, come on. The last time I got my picture taken seriously was for senior pictures in high school, which was over four years ago. I was a little rusty). However, I was so happy to see that we got some good pictures regardless of my (our?) general awkwardness.

Ryan was super easy to work with. He gave us some directives, but told us that in general, the pictures will look better if we just talk to each other, kiss every once in awhile and just look natural. Again, I'm awkward so it took me a second to get to that point, but once I did, I was very pleased with the results.

But back to Ryan - he, unlike me, was not awkward. We picked places we wanted to go, and once we got to each site, he gave us ideas of what to do. And they were really, really good ideas (as you will soon see). Basically, he knew what he was doing and now I am so, so, SO excited for the wedding pictures.

The places we went:

+ Rosati-Kain High School (where I went to high school, and where Pete currently works)
+ Downtown, near the entrance to the downtown bike trail

Did you like them? I hope so! I'm kind of obsessed...


sonrie said...

yes, like them. it looks like the two of you had a ton of fun!

Laura said...

i adore them...i think my favorite is with the fabulous yellow background & your big beautiful eyes! such an adorable photo.

Me Sme and I said...

They are adorable. The chalked hearts are the best. x

You Are My Fave said...

They turned out so cute. I love your dress. How did you get your fiance to do that? My husband hates taking photos of all kinds.

Silver Strands said...

adorable!!! your dimples are precious.

congratulations on your engagement!

mina said...

very cute!