10 April 2010

Only Three Months to Go!


Okay, here's some stuff we've gotten done since I last checked in.

1. Had one bridal shower (once I get pictures from mom, I'll write a post about it), and set dates for two more - one in Cape Girardeau on May 23rd with Pete's family and one here in St. Louis for my girlfriends on July 27th.
2. Bought shoes! They're cute. I didn't go with colorful shoes, because mom made her thoughts on that pretty clear (she was extremely against them), so they're white and they match the dress perfectly.
3. Received the invitations that we ordered - they're super cute and happy and stuff.
4. Decided on a hair and make-up place and set up trial run appointments for me and actual appointments on July 10th. We also put down a 50% deposit (is this normal? I was surprised by that...)
5. Picked out gifts for the majority of the people who will be helping us with wedding-related things. It's a long, long list...

Hmm. That's it. It feels like we've done more. Oh well. There really isn't a lot left to take care of - once we get the RSVPs in, we'll have to assign seating. My dad has been paying off the reception venue. We're getting engagement pictures in a little over a week, and we've made appointments to go in to ring places and look for wedding bands. Techically we've ordered our cake (right, Lindsay?) and we pretty much have the entire ceremony planned out, although we can't get a hold of the priest doing the ceremony, which is a little nerve-wracking. It is only three months away, after all.

Actually, one big thing we have left to take care of is transportation. Pete just wants to us all to drive around in our individual cars for pictures between the ceremony and reception, but my mom and dad (and sometimes me) want to have an actual bus or limo or whatever. I just think it would be nice to have all of us together in one vehicle. That way no one will get lost, and then the wedding party can just celebrate by themselves.

photo provided by the ever-so-talented ryan gladstone

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