01 August 2010

Honeymoon Day 2

I figured it's easiest to just share pictures and stories from the honeymoon in day format. Mostly because we took soooo many pictures.

The first day of the honeymoon was just us driving through all of Missouri through a lot of Oklahoma and through the top square-part of Texas. Most of it was flat and all of it was boring. Until the end of the day, when it was dark and stormy and I was FREAKING OUT because we were in the middle-of-nowhere-Texas. I found a Christian rock station on the radio and even though I'm not normally a fan of Christian rock it made me feel better.

We were supposed to get to Albuquerque on our first day of the trip but we stopped short, by about four hours. We were both exhausted from, oh, I don't know, our wedding the day before, and I had spent most of the first day of the honeymoon crying and being overwhelmed and probably just super obnoxious for Pete. So. Amarillo, Texas held us our first night. We got some McDonald's and tried to get on facebook to see all the pictures people had tagged of us. Watched some Mythbusters, and went to bed.

The next day is when the fun began. Since we were four hours behind ALREADY we hightailed it to Flagstaff,which is about an hour and a half away from the Grand Canyon, stopping only to buy lunch and an atlas. We made it to the Grand Canyon about an hour before sunset, I believe, and got some beautiful pictures. The sunset + the rain off in the distance was just gorgeous. I had been there before, but Pete hadn't (DISCLAIMER: besides Vegas, I had been to all the cities we stopped in) so he was very impressed. The Grand Canyon...it's just...no matter how many pictures you see of it, it means nothing until you see it in person. It's impossible to fathom just how big it is unless it's right in front of you. And even then, it doesn't really hit you. It looks fake.

Oh, and here are some driving pictures from the second day. It was beautiful - we were lucky to have almost 110% perfect driving weather from Missouri to California and back. Just two storms. And both were pretty short.

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mh said...

Seeing this makes me want to see the honeymoon pictures all over again!