25 August 2010


So. I'm totally employed.


I still couldn't believe that it was real. And I had my first day today. And it was glorious.

And I have my own email address! And my own phone extension! And my own laptop, PLUS a desktop that stays at school!

I still can't believe it, after a day.

Here's what I wore (my parents were ALL ABOUT the first day of school pictures, and since it was Pete's first full day, and my first day of grown-up work, well...)

Did I mention that Pete also works there? So we both work there? What a wonderful world.

Oh - in case you were curious, I'm working in the development office - working on recruitment, fundraising, communication for the school, etc. Today I proofed some letters and started putting together the parent manual!

So. That's my big news. I can access blogger on my work computer, so if the day is ever slow (although I don't think they ever will be!) I'll do some stealth-blogging.


mh said...

What a wonderful world indeed!

Karen said...

Congrats! That's awesome that you and Pete both get to work at the same school.

I love your map wall!