06 August 2010

Still No Professional Pictures...

...but here are some lovely things from families and friends!

As I said, we're still waiting on Ryan to get back the full portfolio of pictures back from the big day, but here is a blog post that he wrote, plus a tooooon of pictures (the story: I was at Target with Pete, getting some stuff off of our registry that we hadn't received, and I accidentally pressed the Facebook icon on my iPhone. All of a sudden, I had a ton of new notifications on my phone, one of them being that Ryan Gladstone had tagged me in a post. I KNEW that it was wedding pictures and I squealed. Loudly. Sorry, fellow Target-goers...). SO, you should totally head over there and check them out. He did a beautiful job.

But anyway, here are some of my favorite shots from family and friends: (oh, and PS - any picture that doesn't have a credit was taken by whoever had my mom's camera)

Me and my flock of flowergirls. How adorable are they? And Pete's mom, Mary Helen, made the two girls' dresses on the right; Bridgett, OUR sister-in-law, made the two girls' dresses on the left. Aaaaadorable.

Pete and I and my immediate family - mom on the left, Dad (being the guy that looks like a dad) and my younger sister, Emme, on the right. Who looked gorgeous, obviously. Also obvious: we look nothing alike.

Pete's immediate family - his brother, Mike, and his family on the left (Mike is holding Leo, Bridgett is up by me, kind of, and they have two daughters - Sophia and Maeve - and Leo); Mary Helen in the yellow, me and Pete; Jeff (Pete's dad); his mother, Ann; Mary and Steve (Steve being Pete's twin brother/best man), and Christy (Pete's sister) and her two daughters, Maci and Delaney. Phew! Mine was easier to type.

Pete and I, just hanging out on a beautiful altar. No big deal.

Friends and wedding party! Bottom row: Sarah, Emme, Megan (maid of honor), Steve (best man), David, Matt, Jason. Top row: Shannon, Marcy, me, Pete, Brendan, Frank, Tim. You guys like the look of the thumbs sticking out of the pockets? I kind of dig it.

Friends since first grade. Seriously. L - R: Bridget, Katherine, me, Kevin, Sam. Bridget and Kevin are twins. I had a crush on Sam for oh, about nine years. I haven't told him but it would be pretty easy for him to find out now, I guess. Also. I am not normally that short. The heels came off pretty early into the reception... PHOTO BY MARY GOULD (thanks Mary!!)

Me and Pete at dinner. So I'm just now realizing. I ate maybe ten saltine crackers before the wedding, had a shot of vodka on the party bus (awful idea; my sister almost threw up), had about half of my Crater Copernicus at Ted Drewes (weddings in St. Louis! You show up on your wedding day, with the wedding party, all decked out, and EVERYONE GETS FREE ICE CREAM! Seriously. Any size any flavor. Do it!), maybe two bites of salad, and five of my vegetables from the actual dinner. I was so exhausted by the time we got home on the wedding night, I could barely manage to lick icing off of one of our wedding cupcakes and have a few forkfuls of two-day-old Vietnamese food. How I survived I will never know.

Wedding party during my dad's toast. Do you see he's wearing chucks? He's totally wearing chucks. My dad is awesome.

Right after the cake cutting. Of COURSE cake would fall into my dress.

Us at the cake table. Speaking of the cake table. This picture was taken by Lindsay Harvath, who is a dear friend. Also, at the time of the wedding, she was almost seven months into her pregnancy. Also, she baked every single cupcake and the adorable cake you see in the picture above. In something like NINE HOURS. WHILE SEVEN-ISH MONTHS PREGNANT. Basically, she's a superstar ninja. And her cake/cupcakes were so good. SO SO good.

Dad and I during our first dance, taken by Shannon. Thanks Shannon!

Pete and I during our first dance. Look at that bustled dress! Shout-out good job to Sarah and Shannon, who bustled it while I did the potty-dance in the bathroom of the reception. Then they attempted to help me pee, but I totally did it myself because I am a ROCKSTAR. (But the important part is, they were there to help if I needed it.) This picture was taken by Katie. Thanks Katie!

Laura (of the lbeau room fame) and I. So cute! I don't remember who took this picture, but it was taken with Laura's camera. Thanks whoever took this picture!

Me and the ladies from my childhood again. Notice the super watery eyes on all of us. I walked over to them and Katherine (in pink) just looked at me and said, "I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!" and then we all started to lose it. Also taken by Mary Gould - a very close high school friend to all of us!

Okay, phew! Think you've had enough? Yikes, I hope not. Here are a ton of pictures that Bridgett took. If you want to stalk me or her, this is where you can find some more eye candy I MEAN photos.

Pete and his mom during their first dance

Steve giving his best man toast. It was very classy - well-written, well-spoken...and with a glass of bourbon. Awesome.

Mike and Maeve. This picture just makes my heart giggle.

Trying to look coy during the reception...I was so nervous. Every second that passed I thought I would throw up. So I took my shoes on and off twice. It's so awful to watch it in the video. Sorry to everyone that had to watch me do that...

But I just tried to smile a lot. Smiling apparently relaxes the face. I don't know if it helped or not, but I look pretty happy in this picture so let's act like it does :)

Andy and Mary (sisters!!) singing up a storm. They did such a beautiful job. Also, have I told you what our recessional song was? No?

And yes, I definitely chose it because of The Parent Trap. You guys, you should of heard Mary wailing it out at the end of the song. SO amazing. Gives me goosebumps just thinking of it.

Okay. One last thing. If you want to know what it was like to really, truly be at our wedding events, check out these valuable and excellent sources:

Bridgett - the rehearsal + rehearsal dinner
Bridgett - the wedding
Shannon - the bachelorette party
Shannon - the rehearsal dinner and wedding
Matt Essner - wedding events part 1
Matt Essner - wedding events part 2
Laura - wedding
Steve - wedding (with his best man toast, BONUS!)
Rosemary - mmm cake.

If I missed anything, let me know! And if you're still reading, you get 100 Stanley nickels! And 200 more if you recognize that reference!


sonrie said...

loved your wedding and am so glad I had a chance to be part of it :)

mh said...

Love this post, love the pictures, love the links to others' blogs/pics, love you!