08 August 2010

Man V. Food

Does anyone else watch this show?

I think I may be obsessed. I saw that it's on Netflix Instant, which means that we can stream it through our Playstation 3 onto our fancy schmancy flat screen TV! (Thanks to Brendan for the PS3 and the Wissingers and Williams for the TV.)

The premise of this show, if you aren't familiar: Adam, the host, visits a new city every episode to taste each city's "known-for" or well-known meals. Then, he always participates in a food challenge. While the show itself is really awesome, it's the challenges that really make me squirm. Pete and I watched the St. Louis episode first, where he went to Crown Candy Kitchen to participate in the five-malt challenge.

Pete and I were just there with our friends Jared and Kate this past week. We each got a shake or malt and I couldn't even finish ONE (although I think everyone else did; I'm a lightweight).

But Adam couldn't finish the challenge! I wasn't sure if I should feel bad for him or feel proud of St. Louis for being able to defeat him.

In San Francisco, he ate a sundae that consisted of two gallons of ice cream - along with eight servings of whipped cream. What the what?! [in the video below, the second half is the sundae-eating]

And now, we're watching the Springfield, Illinois episode (Springfield is about an hour and a half from St. Louis) and he's about to eat five bowls of spicy chili. Uuuuuuuuuugh it just makes me stomach gurgle in an unpleasant way thinking about it. I HATE spicy foods.

Anyway - Man V. Food is on the Travel channel. Or instant Netflix. If you can stand some annoying little scenes of the host acting like Abraham Lincoln or a hippie, this is a great show.

If you're interested in just seeing what he's eaten without watching the show, check out this page. Disgusting, when you read it all at once.

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Karen said...

Love it! Although some days the gluttony does make me nauseous ... especially when they're meat products. A giant sundae wouldn't be so objectionable!